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You as the artwork

Custom Art

A personality project.

I’ve now started to work on a custom tattoo art project using your personality as the inspiration. Your persona: The aspect of someone’s character that is perceived by others; and Luminary: A person who inspires or influences others. To Begin. Think on the reason you would like to have this artwork on your skin. Some of the reasons could be, to remember, empower, celebrate, or a combination of many. Then visit the https://www.16personalities.com/
When you are ready, send your:

Be inspired

Collection Designs

Wannados project.

Inspired by the many things that excites me. Some of the  first collections are, botanical, famous portraits, and the abstract series. After finding your design and confirming your interest, pick a date and time and schedule your session.

Sketchbook store launching soon.



If your project is selected, you’ll be giving a quote and a deposit is required to secure your spot. Deposit is usually non-refundable and it can only be used to secure a new spot in the future. Conditions during Covid-19 may apply.


Always working directly with you at the day of your session.


When restrictions are over. Visiting Berlin, New York, different cities in Brazil, Buenos Aires, including Miami and Los Angeles. I hope to be soon announcing the new traveling dates.

Booking Appointments

If you wish to book an appointment please select one of the follow. Be aware the regular, small, and tiny sessions are currently available only for projects sent before December.

Dates for December and January.

Dates for December and January.

Dates for Decemeber and January.

As described in Pricing. Tips are common in some countries but often left out in others, to balance it out, I’m now charging a fee of 50 for the follow up sessions.

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 11 ,  1  I’m super happy to be tattooing you. But, so I can keep track of everything, take a minute to let me know what

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Welcome NY

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 20 ,  2  Welcome New York It’s been a while and a lot has happened. I’ll finally be returning to New York in May. From 16

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Waiting time for a response hasn’t been accurate for the past 2 months as multiple appointments had to be rescheduled and changed due to lockdown. I look forward to be updating my response time to 3 days.

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