a flow from oceans to mountains

A bit about me to put my idea into context. I grew up in Austria with a strong connection to the mountains, however I’ve always been more drawn to the ocean. In fact, I work as a doctoral student in Biology now, researching the impact of underwater noise pollution on whales.

So I would like to incorporate my love for the ocean as well as my rootedness in the mountains in a sleeve project. I wouldn’t want full coverage of my arm though but am thinking of starting with the oceans on my lower arm, mainly the inside, and create a flow upwards to the outside of my upper arm for the mountains part. There are a few elements I’d like to include for sure, which would be an octopus (inside of my lower arm) and my grandpa’s favourite bird, the common bullfinch (upper arm, outside/back).

For the mountains, I don’t want them to be too overwhelming or detailed, probably more abstract. I was actually thinking of something in the style of your wannado body collection #2 (https://book.danilodelfino.ink/product/body-collection-2/), to start on the lower arm and turn into shapes of mountains on the upper arm. Also to thereby somehow create a connection between everything and tie it all together.

I don’t know if this is making sense for anyone besides me right now. I’m happy to explain more what I have in mind but I’d definitely love your creative take on how to incorporate these ideas.

For the reference pictures, I put two of my favourite tattoos of yours there as an idea about the general style I’m looking for. The style of the whale is roughly what I’d like for the octopus, and the chest tattoo is what brought me to the idea of keeping the mountains abstract and let them fade out with a few birds flying away.

In the body placement picture, I tried to indicate how I roughly imagine it with a few little drawings. You will clearly see why I want to leave the actual tattoo design up to you though

Bouquet of leaves in line work

I would like to have a bouquet of leaves connected to a former tattoo on the upper arm. One part of the former tattoo (the big leave at the end of it) is heavily scarred since then so I want to join a motive to distract from it. Leaves for the bouquet: moringa plant, cacao tree, coco tree, ginger plant, shea tree. Due to my dark skin simple line work should be used as technique.

Frida Kahlo/Cheetah/small red one

Hi there,

actually I have 2/3 ideas in my mind which should fit with the other small one I have on my arm (the ‘FLY’ and the sunrise):).

  1. Small red one on the on the inner side on the forearm, maybe a small flower, abstract one, eye e.g.
  2. I am also really into Frida Kahlo but here an abstract version on the upper arm
  3. And/Or I am really into your wannado cheetah also on the upper arm.

p.s sorry submitted 3 times the same document as I could leave it empty:)


Solar system and text

  1. Hi Danilo, I‘m Judith. It‘s in my mind that you create a solar system on my arm- forearm, with the right constellation of the planets. I send you some pics how I mean it, but they are just ideas 🙂

I‘m not sure if its possible, but I want a text too, with the handwriting of my mom, the short text will be ‚lights will guide you home‘.

I‘m really excited about doing this.

Thank you so much for your respond, cheers,




Phoenix hugging itself and burning into ashes. Space and stars in the background.


As of late I had an awakening moment, I was going through a rough time with a girl. I tend to write a lot to let my feelings settle and calm down. So I wrote a letter to myself. In that letter I gave myself affirmation, love, compassion and reminded myself that I already have everything I need to be happy. That letter felt like my mother calming me down whenever I used to react emotionally and irrational to certain situations. Since she died in 2016 I have been missing her support and super powers to always ground me and bring me back to balance. Suddenly I realised what I was doing by writing that letter, I was giving myself that motherly love and compassion to bring me back to balance. And then I thought “Hey! I need to use this as a tool, to help myself in difficult situations”. That’s when it hit me, I was not always going to carry that letter in my pocket and use it when I would need it. So how about a tattoo that I can always see to remind me of this moment? I have always wanted a tattoo, and in that moment I knew what I wanted! And then it hit me again, I see myself as Phoenix, resurrecting from the old and re-inventing myself, stronger.

Tattoo concept:

Left forearm. Still not sure if in color or not. Phoenix with a tear running down its eye, hugging itself with its wings as a reminder that we all can give ourselves love and compassion. Phoenix is burning, burning the old, in with the new. In the background you see space and stars, venus and mars. Space as a reminder that I am not the center of the universe. 

Personal meaning: 

Birds don’t have a fixed home, they belong everywhere, they are free to choose, no boundaries. I have lived in many countries, I had many homes and I know for sure I will feel at home anywhere. 

Birds can change perspective, macro in the air, micro down at earth. I enjoy observing events, things, and people from different perspectives. I am multifaceted, multifacetico. 

Phoenixes die and resurrect from their predecessor, just like me, every time stronger and more resilient. Reinventing my persona and learning from previous experiences. 

Phoenixes burn like the sun, uncontrollably, burning and resurrecting, almost like a never ending supply of energy. Fire and warmth enable life on earth, energy enables life, energy is life. I enjoy giving love and enabling others to be happier, to feel warmer. 

Phoenixes belong in the universe, they are a part of the universe, much like the sun. I am also a part of the universe, never the centre of it.

Phoenixes carry the dead body of their predecessor to the temple of the sun and leave it there. I carry my past within me, as a part of me.

Phoenixes’ tears have healing powers. Crying heals us, just like deep emotional bonds can heal us too. I am an emotional person therefore I cry a lot. My tears also have special powers because they are real, authentic and come from within, my tears mean mindfulness and compassion with myself and others. 

Fire burns inside me, I am alive. Fire burns uncontrollably, just like me, I have so much fuel and energy inside, I burn and burn and burn. 

The universe in the background, as a reminder that I am not its center but rather a part of it, just like everybody else.


Thank you for taking the time to read!


I’m having trouble uploading image 2 and 3, I can send them to you over whatsapp. Meanwhile I’m uploading my concept 3x.

Auburn CA Canyon landscape representation with “sketch” tactics depicted in your other pieces.

Being an avid trail and marathon runner, I would like get a tattoo that represents this and my passion for it. I would like to get the Auburn (CA) canyon represented on my shoulder. Contains a river, mountains/hills, a trail, and a few trees. The placement of the tattoo is near a world outline I have on my shoulder. I am hoping to embellish on this piece and slowly add to it. I would like the landscape to interact somewhat with the outline. I’d imagine between and expanding from between S.America and Africa would be feasible, but I am not crazily particular about the placement. To your decrement of what would work best.

I love the tactic and technique represented through your art and would like the geometric/sketched suggested look. Please take the suggested photo and run with it. I am not an artist, I would like your representation and best thought process for the tattoo. I have general wishes (the photo), but overall, I research the artists for my tattoos specific to their style and art and then trust them to make the best calls (as it is your area of expertise).

*one of the photos I am having trouble uploading.

A flower on my lower inner arm

I have actually two ideas but the first one would be a flower that looks like a vulva or just a simple fine vulva  or one of my own designs like on the pic

cant download it from insta… do here my design

Two tattoos – (1) Birds and (2) Abstract Lines

Hi Danilo, I was hoping to come for two tattoos –

One on the inside of my right arm, wrapping out to the shoulder. There are currently butterflies there but I was hoping to change them to birds. I am thinking sparrows that get progressively larger.

The second, on my left outer forearm. It would be abstract lines of two different lengths. It is to symbolize the connect of me and Laura.

Thank you!

Partial sleeve of California wildflowers

I’m moving to NYC in august after spending most of my life in California. I would love to start building a sleeve of black ink botanicals featuring flowers from the places I’ve lived, starting with CA. I’ve attached images of some of those favorite flowers (golden poppies, California lupine) here in the inspiration section, but I’d also love to include other flowers like Indian paintbrush and some wispy grasses. I’m also inspired by the botanics on your instagram — I love that aesthetic. In the picture for body placement, I’ve put my forearm — I’d love to have it wrap around my arm.

Botanical piece possibly freehand

I would love a shoulder/upper arm botanical piece that almost drapes over my shoulder onto my arm. If possible, I’d love a freehand tattoo but if not that’s totally understandable. In terms of flowers, I was thinking wildflowers, leaves, filler type flowers  and greens but in black and white. There are a number of your pieces I’ve attached that I’ve loved that would be perfect references for shading and line work. I lean towards medium shading and linework. Let me know if there’s any other info you need!

Abstract sketch of a Cross.

Greetings Danilo,

Hope all is well with you and your family! I reached out to you a couple of years ago for tattoo on my ribs of a sketched angel. Since then I put off the idea of receiving a tattoo, until now. However, my tattoo concept changed. The idea I have in mind now is of a abstract sketch style cross located on my upper trap (will post picture of exact location). I would like for it to be around 12 cm.

In terms of discussing more about the exact tattoo design, I am honestly unsure as to exactly how want the design of the cross to be and I am having some difficulty expressing/describing the design I have in mind, and this is where I want to utilize your creative artistic ability. I am also having difficulty with providing you with a reference photo of what I want because I really cannot seem to find anything on the internet that matches what I want.

To point you in a direction for what style I am going for I will attach the picture of the Sketch angel by Guercino I sent you a couple of years ago. If you look at the picture you will notice that the angel is holding a flower. I feel that this flower almost takes the shape of a cross, which is what contributed to this tattoo concept. I love Guercino style and the style of that sketch, so that is what is inspiring me for this tattoo concept. A free-flowing abstract sketch of a cross. As my name (Stavros) means cross in Greek.

I hope you are willing to work with me on this project as I feel you would be the perfect artist for this concept. Sorry for such a vague explanation of my idea but I am looking forward to discussing it further with you. Please let me know about your travel dates to NY.


Artistic mind and plant lover.


My sisters and I are planning to do a family tattoo. I have been following your artwork for a while and since youve been doing a lot of floral designs  it would be a perfect match for my idea.
The Theme we choose is the birth plant of each of us. To also represent my personality with the tattoo I would like to keep it very simple.
If you are interested to do something like this I would be very happy to hear from you and maybe do some scetches.

Best regards, Darja

Flowers over lower back/butt cheek



I saw this piece from yarina.tattoo and I simply love it! The placement is so nice…

Although I’m not so much into this-so-often-seen kinda composition of flowers if you know what I mean 😬 at least not for myself…

As I know how much you love to do flowers, I thought I might just give you the placement and topic and you can do your magic 😅 – if you like the idea of course 😊

  1. Placement: lower back/butt cheek/hip
  2. Topic: flowers (I don’t really have an idea which to choose exactly… I for example like Eucalyptus-blossoms (see attached) or (blooming) berries, magnolia… And all kind of (tropical-) leafs but I’d prefer something smooth for that placement 😉 … OR another idea I had were coral reef and seaweed compositions – my mockup is no perfect example but you get the idea I hope…
  3. Style: black, realistic and maybe some abstract touch 🙂

Right now I rather tend to flowers than seaweed/corals but who knows what you might come up with 😁

There is no rush – but I thought why keep this idea for myself if it might inspire you 🙂

Take care and see you soon! 🤗


Portrait of a Woman 50s Style

Hey Danilo! 🙂
My new project is about feminity.
I love the elegant style of the ladies in the 50s – inspired by VOGUE or DIOR.
I‘m aware that women back then were not empowered at all, but still – seeing this style nowadays seems to express confidence, independence, strength and sensuality. That‘s what this tattoo should be about. Therefore I want to put the focus on eyes and mouth. I collected some examples I like 🙂 Not sure if the lips should be red yet, as I only have black tattoos.

I want the Portrait to „run out“ in an abstract way. Only little details around the face, no jewellery.

Hope you like my idea and want to do this project 🙂
Lot‘s of hugs, Bridget

Reprodução de uma foto tirada em um safári (girafa com árvores)

Oi Danilo, tudo bem?  Esse vai ser o segundo projeto que faremos juntos. O primeiro foi em Campinas, em 2017 (eu acho haha o tempo voa)

Gostaria de tatuar uma representação de uma foto que tirei em uma viagem para a África, em um safari. É uma foto que me traz muita paz e quero que a tattoo também passe esse sentimento. Claro, toda sua criatividade de estilo e traços  é bem vinda! O local vai ser frente/ lado interno d bíceps – quero deixar espaço para fazer outras que tenho em mente para o futuro.

Adicionalmente, gostaria que desse uma analisada na tattoo que fizemos para ver se precisa de algum retoque.

Um abraço!


Nota: a segunda foto de referência que eu anexei serve para o tamanho eu pensei.

Waves&Beach work on my ribs

Hey Danilo 😉 vorab deine Arbeiten sind wahnsinn!

Die Main idea sind im Grunde aus Palme, Wellen, Strand/Dünen, man könnte sagen tropischer Strand ? Am liebsten noch Gebirge im Hintergrund(no must) 🙂 und das alles verpackt in oder Rauten/Dreiecken/Hexagonen ( offen ob Rahmen oder nue Form )möchte aber unbedingt deinen Spirit im Motiv haben (z.b deine Welle Insta) 😀 will ja keinesfalls Motive stehlen, aber wie siehst du das mit Referenzieren von Insta Fotos / Tattoos  weiß nicht wie das ist geht?  😢 hätte noch eine super „Vorlage“ die ich noch nachreichen könnte 😉

Symbol on my arm

Hi there!

My name is Farnaz and I am very interested in getting a tattoo of an ancient Persian symbol. I am attaching two pictures of two different, but similar artifacts for your awareness; however, I only would like to get one tattoo. (I am flexible on which design you think would be best and you think you can artistically recreate). I would like to capture the essence of these symbols, and I would be interested to see how they can be done in a tattoo to emulate a real quality, but still retaining it’s recognition as a cultural symbol.

The pictures I have for your reference are lions in a circle, but I would be interested also to see how they can be drawn without this circle. Also the symbol has the lion tongue sticking out, but I would prefer if it didn’t.

Ideally I would like to have this done quite small, while retaining as much of the quality as possible, and really fine line. The ideal placement would be on my forearm or bicep. The placement picture I have attached for your reference for the area on my arm, not necessarily the size.

Look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you,


I would like to get a small fineline rose-tattoo on either my ribs or my upper-inner arm

I’m not sure about the placement yet but I would like to get a rose tattooed either on my ribs or my inner arm. preferably in dark grey ink and very fine so it’s not as strong. It also shouldn’t be too big. thank you in advance. also I wasn’t sure if you speak German so I decided to go with English 🙂

how much will a tattoo of that size cost?

flame on my upper arm

this small flame stands on the one side for characteristic behavior as a lion (my zodiac sign) on the other side for women empowerment as an individual. because of it small size and fine lines it represents the feminine side as well as the flame itself tells ambition, spirit of adventure and willpower. it should be on my inner upper arm because i won’t like to show it off instantly 🙂

I want the outline of Tom & his girlfriend as a representation of my grandparents and I’m getting a lyrics around that tattoo in Spanish of a song that reminds me of my mother and love .

I see it as fine line but not to the point where someone behind can’t see I want it to be subtle but with the bold meaning behind it I know I’ll love that tattoo forever. It’s going to be on my birthday today I’m getting my mom signature on my left hand on my vein ( ring finger ) and depending on the pain level ( I have a high tolerance) I’ll get elio 3 times above my elbow in a regular font my handwriting and my mother’s . Call me by your name is my favorite movie of this year , I’ve seen it with my mother my mom is a religious person but she accept the ideas of lgbt+ and anyone who feels like their were born different. She’s been my life line and emotional support system and I love the scene when they call each other by their name . The meaning it’s for my grandparents and my mother, childhood.

Sanskrit Letters on my left inner arm

I got your Account from Max, who already tattoed me. He is Not a friend of letters as a tattoo, so he gave me your Name on Instagram. I hope That you want to do this 🙂 i know its not a big thing or very much fun for pros like you and Max, but maybe you would do it though :))
Let me know if you are interested.
Have a nice Weekend, stay healthy and i hope to hear from you
Lg Janine


Im the friend of Malina. I think she already told u about my idea.
Love your style and would like to get my toys tattooed on my thigh. It should be around 10x15cm…maybe a bit bigger.
I attached my drawing and can send you pictures of the actual guns and fishing rod.
Would u be up to do something like that?

Really looking forward to here from u!!

Maned wolf

The face of the maned wolf like in the 2nd photo with the trace of your tattoo (1st). I imagine it about 15cm in the back, near my right shoulder (imagine the back in 4 parts, it would be up right). I imagine it just the outline with the eyes and nose, and some “scribbles”.

// português para esclarecer possíveis erros em inglês //
O rosto do lobo guará posicionado como na segunda imagem, olhando para trás, com o traço da sua tatuagem como referência (primeira imagem). Imagino algo em torno de 15 cm nas minhas costas, proximo ao ombro direito (imaginando as costas divididas em quadrantes, seria em cima, a direita). Imagino o contorno, com os olhos e nariz preenchidos e apenas alguns traços tipo “rabiscos”.

Composição de elementos

Gostaria muito de tatuar elementos da natureza, em que cada um representaria um membro da minha família. O primeiro deles seria um lírio, minha mãe, pois me remete às datas especias que passávamos com ela, e entregávamos um lírio de presente, que ela sempre amou o cheiro. O segundo seria uma folha de palmeira, que me lembra meu pai, os dias que fazíamos jardinagem juntos e o jardim de casa cheio de palmeiras que sempre fico todo café da manhã a observar. E o terceiro, o mar, representando minha irmã, que por onde a gente esteja, sempre vamos estar ligadas/conectadas (esta parte eu gostaria de tatuar o momento em que a onda começa a voltar pro mar e desenhos abstratos com “espuma” se formam). Tenho uma idéia de talvez criar três “quadros” sem contorno, fazendo um recorte de cada um desses elementos, não precisando ser eles inteiros no desenho. Ou também estou aberta à um desenho em que os três elementos estão juntos, misturados de alguma forma (mas esse ficaria dependendo da sua criação). Penso em fazer a tatuagem no antebraço. Mas se o desenho acabar ficando muito grande ou achar que no antebraço vai ficar muito pequeno, também imagino na lateral da costela.

Feather on the right side of my thorax

Hi, I’m Miriam, a very good and old friend oft Stefan. He showed me your work and I fell in love with your style of drawing! It would be a pleasure to “wear” your work!
The feather means especially freedom to me, but also always belonging to myself.
It should be a medium size tattoo on my right side. It would be great to meet you. Miriam 🙂