Lower right arm

I tried to include some closeups and whole plants, if you need further references, let me know.

I might want to add on to the first part, connecting with a trail of a couple of small flowers to a bigger flower on the inner upper arm and even further to the collar bone, but that is for another time. Just so you know, if you want this could become a bigger project.

My brother’s birthdate is 27.12.1989. It should be included in a stem, leave or petal, not too obvious about 5mm in height. It should have a handwritten feel. I am not sure if you have your own letteringstyle, if so great. If not, I do hand lettering I could write it myself, and I’ll include a reference pic. Whatever you prefer is fine 🙂

Geometrical line art of a racoon

The first image with the name “desired design” is the complete sketch of my idea- “Reference 1” was used as inspiration.

It is the head of a racoon in a geometrical design combined with some line work and is approximately 11cm long. It would be nice if the lines are on the finer side, because I don´t think thick black lines would fit my bodytype. For the placement I thought the inside of my left upper arm would be perfect.

We already talked about it briefly on Instagram.

I would love to get two tattoos in one session: one would be the sentence “juro que he vivido” on my wrist and on the other hand I would love to get some leaves.


I’ve wanted to get the sentence “juro que he vivido” tattooed forever now – it’s from the song “I lived” by one republic. And it’s not so much about the song itself but rather about the meaning. “I swear I lived” should be my last words, a constant reminder to live life with purpose and not just let it go by. And it’s in Spanish because I’m just completing my studies in Spanish (I’ve lived one year in Costa Rica) and I would love to spend my final years in this earth on a Spanish island.

On the other (left) hand I would love to get some leaves (like the design in the second picture), purely decorative 🙂

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!!

All the best,


Floral work – circle of life

I am thinking about a flower which is “blown away” and gets blurry until it is just “dust”. An nothing left than air (inhale /exhale symbols). Maybe with a quote “everything the light touches”. This is my rough idea. I would also like to make it like a round shape somehow to reference to the circle of life. (Lion king) but I would keep the creative part up to you.

I like apple blossoms since I have those on my back as well. Also I am into fine lines and just black and white or “water colour” style.

Not sure about my references though – I am open for styles since this idea is quite complex :-D.

Body part for this project is lower arm the inhale exhale part should be close to wrist/thumb. And the flower on the side Infront of my elbow. It is quite a large and long area on my arm so I would prefer less is more on that one 😉





Capturing my path/stations and the unknown future

First of all it would be my first one 🙂
I was born in Vienna and mainly lived in the city since then. Coincidently, I always happened to live nearby the 49 tram line although I moved two or three times. Additionally, with each time moving I got closer to the city centre. So the main idea was to have some kind of line/path with small marker points representing the stations/places I lived.I was also thinking about having a symbol at the end representing that the uncertainty of the future.

I have been thinking about the idea quite some time now and the longer I was thinking about, the more I wanted the path to be represented by nature-related symbols. Also because I really the projects of you I saw on instagram. One idea that came up was to have (a)  tree(s) whose leafs are blown away by the wind along a certain way. Another one was to combine wind as a path-maker with birds. The ending symbols could then be either a bird or something like wind-blown-leafs-emoji.

At the same time I would still like to include the number 49 in a subtle way.

I hope this describes the main idea well enough. There a still a few more thoughts in my head (e.g. using twig/small plant as a whole) but I think I really need your help/ideas how to put it all together.


Fine Line Letters on one finer

Hi Danilo,

as my dad passed away suddenly and unexpected I feel like I wanna connect with him through the tattoo.

We both have the same beginning laters of our names: My dad’s name is DRAGAN GVERO, mine is DUSKO GVERO – so I would like to wear “dg” on my finger.

I imagine it to be in a handwritten font, it should look very light, kind of creative and easy-going.

I am interior designer and would describe myself as fine, calm, relaxed, emotional ….so a fine line tattoo represent my personality as well. I really prefer uncluttered and clear designs. Attached you can find a pinterest inspiration which i really like, and I tested it on my own finger with a pen.

Looking forward meeting you soon! Thank you,

Today (Friday, 30.10) I will book an appointment for Sunday, 10.00am…(just have to make sure some things)


4 elements on my back/ribs

I would like to get the 4 elements in circles or triangles (air, water, fire, earth) on my back or on my ribs, Im not  completely sure about the placement.

The earth sign should be like a trees and mountains. And the fire as a sun.

I would prefer all four circles/ triangles quite small but tbh I don’t know how small would be okay for you to do and would look good.

A little bee on my ribs flying towards a flower.


my Name is Julia I’m 19 years old and I would like to have a little bee under my right chest on my ribs. It would be great if the bee would be flying towards a flower/or flowers who would be a under the bee with a little bit of space between.

This would be my third tattoo and I would be really happy to have it.

Thank you for considering my idea!


(the idea image is not quite accurate)

flowers on my arm

I would like to have 3 different flowers starting below my shoulder going down on my upper arm (biceps) to the inside of my upper arm.

The flowers are the following ones:

– Gerbera: my moms favorite flower (1pcs, ex. one of your works)

– Poppy: my favorite flower that reminds me of my childhood in Poland (2 pcs, picture is your art work, see attached)

– Dandelion with losing parts for my mom dying 2 years ago (this peace’s can go up to the shoulder)

– wildflowers like you did it on some pictures (should implement some leaves too) – pls be creative. this flowers should complete the picture as a whole)

I would like to keep the possibility to maybe extend this tattoo one day 😉

Best regards, Isabella


Destiny. Warrior got shot.

Hey Danilo Delfino!

I’m very interested in your art and I want to get a tattoo from your talented hands.

I do have some ideas how the tattoo could look like. But feel free to make some personal changes.

It should be a fine tattoo at the inner side of my upper or lower left arm. I’m not sure about the size, but  I think it could be between small and medium.

I’m living now in Vienna, so it would be really nice, if it’s possible to make the appointment in my home town. 🙂

Kintsugi tattoo back and arm

Kintsugi is the Japanese Art to fix broken plates or vases with gold. There are many meanings for me, like internal healing of brokenness.
My Idea is to start a line under my left shoulder and to cross my back to my right shoulder and from there on to my right wrist. I chose you because I love your art and trust your free hand work, to make fitting lines over my back and my arm.
Would love to hear from you!

Poppy Flower Sketch on my arm

I’d like to have a B&W poppy on the inside of my forearm. For the style I would like a sketchy approach like shown in the first reverence – it should not be a photorealistic flower.

Poppies were the favorite flowers of my grandma (who’s already passed away) and because I inherited all my creativity from her, I want to honor her with this tattoo. She is the reason I am right now studying to become a graphic designer. Furthermore these flowers always remind me of home because we had a hill full with poppies at the back of the house I grew up in.

I’m not 100% sure about the exact size and would like to have some input/suggestions on that but as a reference I would say that the blossom should be about 5cm.

Tree maybe with mountains on the back of my upper arm

I come from Austria but I live in Germany. I’m always outside with my dog and love the nature and my origin. That’s why I want a tree with roots and maybe some mountains, because that’s the symbol of where I grew up and what makes me feel comfortable. 🙂