eagle flying over mountains

I’d like to have a tattoo that contains mountains and an eagle, wich takes up most of the space, flying above them . For me, mountains represent a feeling of liberty (I love being in the mountains both skiing and hiking) and I see the eagle flying even above them as a sign of letting go of everything and freeing myself from any borders. (Thus, around the tattoo there should not be any borders!) Also, it is my personal reminder that I know who I am and what I am aiming for. Combined with the star sign of the great bear in the background it would be the ideal tattoo for me because my dad used to show me it every time we were observing the sky at night. However, I wonder if the star sign is a little too much …

I prefer a rather small tattoo, based on the description above and the uploaded pictures. Last but not least I have to add that I like the way of how liberty is represented by the one line technique in the first picture but I do not like the simple style of how the lines and the eagle’s face are drawn.

Even though it sounds like I  already have a quite exact idea of what I want, please feel free to add your ideas too!

I would love to get two tattoos in one session: one would be the sentence “juro que he vivido” on my wrist and on the other hand I would love to get some leaves.


I’ve wanted to get the sentence “juro que he vivido” tattooed forever now – it’s from the song “I lived” by one republic. And it’s not so much about the song itself but rather about the meaning. “I swear I lived” should be my last words, a constant reminder to live life with purpose and not just let it go by. And it’s in Spanish because I’m just completing my studies in Spanish (I’ve lived one year in Costa Rica) and I would love to spend my final years in this earth on a Spanish island.

On the other (left) hand I would love to get some leaves (like the design in the second picture), purely decorative 🙂

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!!

All the best,


Plant Leafs

Hey! 🙂

I’m Konstantins girlfriend – so first of all thank you, that it’s possible for us both to come to an appointment! 🙂

So I already drew kinda what I want (the two leafs with the green shadow). The only changes i wanted to make are the form of the leafs. I prefer the “Diffenbacha” in the picture.. and maybe one of them could a little foldet over like the banana leaf?

But it do like the lines to be a little bit inconsistent ( a little big finer on one side and a little bit bolder on the other – just like in the picture).

I only want it to be black and I’m not quite sure about the “shadow” part yet. I probably don’t want it, but i also it to blend in to the skin – but maybe you have a few ideas 🙂

Maybe you can also already kinda tell me how expensive it could be – because I dont have any idea how that works 😀 Also i want in on my Ankle but somehow that didnt work when i wanted to submit it.

Looking forward to hear from you 🙂

All the best,


A flying bird

It´s my first tattoo!

It should be just a small bird on my inner left arm flying up/away.

Since the day i can remember, my go to superpower would be: flying! Being able to escape and see the world in a different perspective. I was and still am a person who loves to travel but also loves and cherishes home. That’s why swallows (or another native austrian bird such as sparrows or robins) came to my mind. In colder times they fly away but as soon as it gets warm they come back home…

Reprodução de uma foto tirada em um safári (girafa com árvores)

Oi Danilo, tudo bem?  Esse vai ser o segundo projeto que faremos juntos. O primeiro foi em Campinas, em 2017 (eu acho haha o tempo voa)

Gostaria de tatuar uma representação de uma foto que tirei em uma viagem para a África, em um safari. É uma foto que me traz muita paz e quero que a tattoo também passe esse sentimento. Claro, toda sua criatividade de estilo e traços  é bem vinda! O local vai ser frente/ lado interno d bíceps – quero deixar espaço para fazer outras que tenho em mente para o futuro.

Adicionalmente, gostaria que desse uma analisada na tattoo que fizemos para ver se precisa de algum retoque.

Um abraço!


Nota: a segunda foto de referência que eu anexei serve para o tamanho eu pensei.

Animal porrait on arm.

It’s a raccoon in black and white. Hope you like the picture! Doesn’t have to be exactly like the first picture, but i like the posture and the style. As you can see from the photos I added, I don’t necessecarily want the whole animal, mainly the head and maybe paws as well.

I’d just like to have a cute small picture like that on my upper arm, i trust you – i love your other tattoos, especially the floral ones and animal protraits 🙂

a sketchy version of Henri Toulouse Lautrec’s beautiful “Clowness” on my forearm

Since Henri Toulouse Lautrec is my favorite painter and I saw your interest and sheer brilliance in portraying masterpieces like Frida Kahlo, I’d love to get „the clowness“ as a single figure without any background and the lower part of her black dress tattooed by your skillful hand! (a picture of the exact silhouette admired will be enclosed –  please look up the whole artwork in the other attachement, since I might have cropped a few parts a little too harshy – like her nose or the hanging ribbon)
What is more, I’d admire your abstract and sketch-like ways of making an already existing artworks yours, which is why I‘d love to get her in a similar style as the images of tattoos you did – like Frida Kahlo or the sketchy tattooed philosopher seen on your instagram post from the 11.01.
In this specific point I’d trust you with your design Ideas, since you’re certainly more trained in finding the best way of tattooing an artwork like this!
It would be lovely, to get just her tattooed on my left forearm.
The motive shouldn’t be too big, so 5×5 or 6×6 cm would be amazing!  – If you think the motive would be better in a slightly bigger size, I’m absolutely fine with that as well!
I’d be over the moon and overjoyed if you would be interested in choosing me and my tattoo-idea for any of your time slots in Vienna!
If yes, it would be incredibly kind of you to send me some feedback, wishes to change something in the details I mentioned, additional ideas for my motive and some information about the pricing for your hard work!

Fine Line Letters on one finer

Hi Danilo,

as my dad passed away suddenly and unexpected I feel like I wanna connect with him through the tattoo.

We both have the same beginning laters of our names: My dad’s name is DRAGAN GVERO, mine is DUSKO GVERO – so I would like to wear “dg” on my finger.

I imagine it to be in a handwritten font, it should look very light, kind of creative and easy-going.

I am interior designer and would describe myself as fine, calm, relaxed, emotional ….so a fine line tattoo represent my personality as well. I really prefer uncluttered and clear designs. Attached you can find a pinterest inspiration which i really like, and I tested it on my own finger with a pen.

Looking forward meeting you soon! Thank you,

Today (Friday, 30.10) I will book an appointment for Sunday, 10.00am…(just have to make sure some things)


Wave with text on my ribs

I would consider myself as a person that always or at least most of the time cares too much about everyone and everything else, so I find myself overthinking a lot.  So this year I started to try and focus on myself more and then I came across a video and the quote there was:

If you find yourself overthinking about something  try this:

“I acknowledge the thought it’s just like a wave – I watch it go up and then float it away”. I really liked this and also I´m a total ocean/beach person. Also, I associate the ocean with happiness and my family. And last but not least I wanted to combine a word. For this, I choose brave, as this is something my parents engraved on one of my necklaces.

I tried to create something myself already (find attached), but I´m not 100% happy with it still, especially with the writing part.
Maybe also good to know I want it to be simple, fine, and flowy/wavey.

Rose on my ribs

Hi Danilo,

we have met randomly when Max was marking us with our daughters birthmark on the ankle. I remember you were just painting a feather on a girls’ ribs. Since then I have been following your work, one of them also on a very good friend of mine – Kathrin – who had her son’s face incorporated in a creative art of yours.
Now I thought it’s my turn and hope that I can win you to work some magic with a small rose tattoo on my left ribs (heart sided).
The image uploaded under “image that best describes your idea” is the picture that inspired me. Would like to have it at same placement same side. Size wise maybe a little bit smaller so that it is hidden by the bra so visible only when I choose to show. 😉
A few cosmetics I would like to do though to fully fit the reason behind the meaning of this tattoo to me.
The rose should be a bit more closed to symbolise the still blooming process. See picture uploaded under “image reference”.
Also I would like it to be more shady so more like your style i.e. the style you did on the tattoo “poppy flower on 15th November 2019.
Uploaded a pic to show another example of what I mean by shady under “image placement”.
At last I would like the stem line to say “true” instead of “brave” – what I would love though is if similar to the inspirational picture you can barely recognise that something is written there.
The word “true” expresses everything I am and stand for:
– true (truth / honesty)
– true (confidence to be true self)
– true (authentic – no bullshit)
– true (true heart – empathy)
– true (true “unconditional” love)
I hope I was able to outline my idea and that I can win you for it.
I was unsure if this work is small or medium and also did not book appointment yet because I am unsure how much time we need for prealignment and actual tattooing. So if you could give me some guidance I would immediately book the respective slot and send deposit for the appointment.

thanks so much!
Looking forward to hearing from you!

Symbol on my arm

Hi there!

My name is Farnaz and I am very interested in getting a tattoo of an ancient Persian symbol. I am attaching two pictures of two different, but similar artifacts for your awareness; however, I only would like to get one tattoo. (I am flexible on which design you think would be best and you think you can artistically recreate). I would like to capture the essence of these symbols, and I would be interested to see how they can be done in a tattoo to emulate a real quality, but still retaining it’s recognition as a cultural symbol.

The pictures I have for your reference are lions in a circle, but I would be interested also to see how they can be drawn without this circle. Also the symbol has the lion tongue sticking out, but I would prefer if it didn’t.

Ideally I would like to have this done quite small, while retaining as much of the quality as possible, and really fine line. The ideal placement would be on my forearm or bicep. The placement picture I have attached for your reference for the area on my arm, not necessarily the size.

Look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you,


I would like to get a small fineline rose-tattoo on either my ribs or my upper-inner arm

I’m not sure about the placement yet but I would like to get a rose tattooed either on my ribs or my inner arm. preferably in dark grey ink and very fine so it’s not as strong. It also shouldn’t be too big. thank you in advance. also I wasn’t sure if you speak German so I decided to go with English 🙂

how much will a tattoo of that size cost?

Destiny. Warrior got shot.

Hey Danilo Delfino!

I’m very interested in your art and I want to get a tattoo from your talented hands.

I do have some ideas how the tattoo could look like. But feel free to make some personal changes.

It should be a fine tattoo at the inner side of my upper or lower left arm. I’m not sure about the size, but  I think it could be between small and medium.

I’m living now in Vienna, so it would be really nice, if it’s possible to make the appointment in my home town. 🙂

The freedom of a red kite! It’s about how they move threw the air – they glide threw it and for me it looks like freedom.

I already explained it – but the movement of a red kite really amazes me. They sail threw the air and every movement is a pleasure to watch. I always watch them with my dad while working in the wine yards and this forms a connection between us.
This is what freedom looks like for me – flying wherever you want, moving threw the air and watching everything from above. I want the red kite to fly up the curve of my upper back – the picture I sent shows the back of a friend of mine – because I really like the placement of the tattoo. I don’t want it to be too small but also not too big – maybe I should have picked a medium size, but I really don’t want the bird to overpower my whole upper back either.


hey danilo 🙂
hope u are doing ok!
we’ve never discussed this directly but i thought since we could fit in two tattoos last time it it wouldn’t be a problem this time. I am not sure if you charge the 300 euros for the 4 hours or the work itself (guessing both) but if u want to charge more than i can 100% understand. I’ll just explain my ideas down here but if anything is too much or won’t work in these 4 hours please let me know and i’ll settle on less.

1. Water reflection in a rectangle (5-6cm long)
– on my left upper under arm / under the elbow
– if possible with a little bit of color (similar to the first picture – the yellow, blue-ish situation in between the light reflections)

2. P.O.P (1 – 1.5cm)
– on the back of my hand, in between my the wrist bones if that makes sense

3. 52 (1cm)
– on back pinky finger

4. 14-1118 TCX (5cm?)
– not sure yet where exactly but i’m guessing on my right under arm

see u in a few weeks and wish u a good night 🙂
already super excited!

Feather on the right side of my thorax

Hi, I’m Miriam, a very good and old friend oft Stefan. He showed me your work and I fell in love with your style of drawing! It would be a pleasure to “wear” your work!
The feather means especially freedom to me, but also always belonging to myself.
It should be a medium size tattoo on my right side. It would be great to meet you. Miriam 🙂