To give some insights into my personal life and how it has shaped the creative process.
I want to share things about me, my interests, and experiences that help inspire me.

Bringing Joy

My urge is to follow bliss. To live life fully engaged. To love with all we’ve got. To create when I’m inspired, to invest when I’m inspired. It doesn’t matter whether it’s painting, writing, music, cooking, or playing an instrument – what matters is bringing joy in meaningful ways in whatever medium I choose.

Because when someone chooses to get a tattoo or any other art from me, they are choosing to tell the world what type of person they are. They see in my art some aspect of themselves. So, I’m not here to influence the choice but to help provide an artful and beautiful way to celebrate self-expression.

Though I believe that art should be appreciated purely for its originality, it is also delightful to know its backstory. I think it helps all of us take a proactive approach towards achieving our common goal and for people to also understand why my pricing is what it is.

A helping hand from someone who can make the vision in your head come to life in the process of building an unforgettable tattoo experience in an environment that celebrates creativity and collaboration because getting a tattoo is an extremely personal experience. It’s about ideas, stories, and passion. But often, it’s also about feeling pressured to make a decision quickly in order to get an appointment.

So I hope this blog will give you a better insight into why I do what I do and how I do it. To provide you with the chance to get a sense of who I am before we even meet in person.

Want to know more about?

Download my intro pdf if you decide to get on the of getting a Tatto in the future.


I’m currently in Vienna.

My bookings are closed until 2022. However, I’ll open it to some destinations and if you are in Vienna, you can still get a Wannados or FlashDay.


Small Designs Day

I’m happy to continue  this project, designing pieces that are quick and simple and one of my true passions. Come back in a few days, the new Flashday Vienna will be available soon.

My latest Wannados and Collectibles
Tattoos Designs and Art

How this works? These are design suggestions and should give an overall idea of the final artwork. You may edit any aspect of the design, but main characteristics should remain. After selecting your design, you may book your wannado session. There’s a small flate rate deposit to secure you a spot for either half or a full day session. Depending on the size of your design, you might need multiple appointments. To see the available dates and price of the Wannados Sessions, visit the Manage Bookings page. To view the available designs:

Where should I go next?

Looking forward to be back on the road.