A letter to begin

My first step, to sharing thoughts, stories, and ideas about my projects and the life around it...

Vienna will always have a special place in my heart; it’s where I live and the stage for the most beautiful stories of my life; however, I must begin this writing journey somewhere else. The one place that’s constantly changing my mind. New York.


A vibrant city that connects to me emotionally and physically, it’s so powerful that when I first arrived, I’d gone from feeling scared and intimidated to encouraged, energized, and on track to accomplishing things I’d never dreamed of until then.

A rich cultural atmosphere. Exciting, disorienting, and nerve-wracking all at the same time. I remember thinking at one point that it would be impossible to go back to living life as I was before. Yet, the pandemic changed everything. It was a shock to see how easily we can be torn apart from each other. We all know what happened, but even if it’s over, for now, the impact it’s still immense.

I believe that moving your body and soul into a new place is liberating and beautiful. So, not being able to travel was huge. It scared the crap out of me, but it made me think about my priorities, and I realized how much of our lives is to tell and hear stories, to be in contact with others, to share our passion, to be inspired by a great ideas, or to learn something new.

After months, status updates, stories, reels, and feeds became a reality, emotionally drained into the “followers and likes” game, limiting my ability to focus on other aspects of my life, feeling disconnected from the world beyond that, with anxiety and stranded inner thoughts of separation.

But thankfully, even though I wasn’t there, New York still ignited a transformation. And it may, after a soul-crushing Covid restriction that ruined my plans at the airport, begin to show the importance of finding meaningful ways to share not only my work, but the source of my inspirations, and why  pleasing algorithms and expectations of others is so dangerous. Because it takes more than just being OK with what’s surrounding us.

The truth is that all our dreams and desires are connected — but building up inner resources to confront challenges with courage and energy. It’s about changing how we approach life and its purpose more deeply, and I think that no matter how scary, or uncomfortable that might be, I just want to keep creating and hopefully inspiring others along the way.

Experiencing what it’s like to live without limitations, it’s the only way to understand who we are (and what we aren’t) so that when we do begin this journey, if we haven’t already, it’s authentic as it can be.

Finally, New York, see you very soon. If you are looking to confirming your appointment or want to book a new one. Please write to:




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