A New York letter

But let me begin with another story. I noticed that many of my followers and the vast majority of my clientele, have almost no real knowledge about who I’m, where do I currently live, or funny enough, even my real name, Danilo Delfino it’s not an Artist name, I was born Danilo Oliveira Delfino in 1983 in Campinas, a city in middle of the state of São Paulo, Brazil.

For the past 3 to 4 years, slowly settling down and creating roots in the Austrian capital, Vienna, but New York has since 2016 been under my skin. Countless visits and month long stays at this inspiring destination that Covid abrupt rupture creating separation to on going projects, family, friends, and other key aspects of my creative life that I struggle to live without.

But even far, this city still has a powerful influence. After my failed visit to the big apple back in May, I succumb to period of disilusion, disappointment, castration, and grief. And now, transformation.

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