Flowers over lower back/butt cheek



I saw this piece from and I simply love it! The placement is so nice…

Although I’m not so much into this-so-often-seen kinda composition of flowers if you know what I mean 😬 at least not for myself…

As I know how much you love to do flowers, I thought I might just give you the placement and topic and you can do your magic πŸ˜… – if you like the idea of course 😊

  1. Placement: lower back/butt cheek/hip
  2. Topic: flowers (I don’t really have an idea which to choose exactly… I for example like Eucalyptus-blossoms (see attached) or (blooming) berries, magnolia… And all kind of (tropical-) leafs but I’d prefer something smooth for that placement πŸ˜‰ … OR another idea I had were coral reef and seaweed compositions – my mockup is no perfect example but you get the idea I hope…
  3. Style: black, realistic and maybe some abstract touch πŸ™‚

Right now I rather tend to flowers than seaweed/corals but who knows what you might come up with 😁

There is no rush – but I thought why keep this idea for myself if it might inspire you πŸ™‚

Take care and see you soon! πŸ€—


Portrait of a Woman 50s Style

Hey Danilo! πŸ™‚
My new project is about feminity.
I love the elegant style of the ladies in the 50s – inspired by VOGUE or DIOR.
Iβ€˜m aware that women back then were not empowered at all, but still – seeing this style nowadays seems to express confidence, independence, strength and sensuality. Thatβ€˜s what this tattoo should be about. Therefore I want to put the focus on eyes and mouth. I collected some examples I like πŸ™‚ Not sure if the lips should be red yet, as I only have black tattoos.

I want the Portrait to β€žrun outβ€œ in an abstract way. Only little details around the face, no jewellery.

Hope you like my idea and want to do this project πŸ™‚
Lotβ€˜s of hugs, Bridget

Botanical composition on different body parts

I imagine some bundles of different (wild) flowers as poppy seeds, eucalyptus, gypsophila, maybe some blossoms of hydrangeas (not the whole bunch of it), lavender, shamrock and other type of leaves/grass… I know it’s a crazy mixture but to most of them I have special connections with… Childhood, symbolic meaning, Ireland or simply because I like its look or smell.

I love flower tattoos. They are classy, timeless and feminine. Plus it goes well with the shapes of our bodies πŸ˜‰

Sternum/ribs on mainly right side, left hip, left inner upper arm, left wrist. Either all of it or at least sternum/rib and hip.
On the left upper arm on the back I already have another tattoo – if that’s a necessary information.

Black ink only, please.
First picture is from pinterest (don’t blame me 😝) for visualizing my idea.
Second one of your portfolio… Poppy and style, both gorgeous.
Third mockup-picture: possible placements on my body (the eye tattoo is already there for real – on my right arm).