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Auburn CA Canyon landscape representation with “sketch” tactics depicted in your other pieces.

Being an avid trail and marathon runner, I would like get a tattoo that represents this and my passion for it. I would like to get the Auburn (CA) canyon represented on my shoulder. Contains a river, mountains/hills, a trail, and a few trees. The placement of the tattoo is near a world outline I have on my shoulder. I am hoping to embellish on this piece and slowly add to it. I would like the landscape to interact somewhat with the outline. I’d imagine between and expanding from between S.America and Africa would be feasible, but I am not crazily particular about the placement. To your decrement of what would work best.

I love the tactic and technique represented through your art and would like the geometric/sketched suggested look. Please take the suggested photo and run with it. I am not an artist, I would like your representation and best thought process for the tattoo. I have general wishes (the photo), but overall, I research the artists for my tattoos specific to their style and art and then trust them to make the best calls (as it is your area of expertise).

*one of the photos I am having trouble uploading.


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Madeleine King

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