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Abstract sketch of a Cross.

Greetings Danilo,

Hope all is well with you and your family! I reached out to you a couple of years ago for tattoo on my ribs of a sketched angel. Since then I put off the idea of receiving a tattoo, until now. However, my tattoo concept changed. The idea I have in mind now is of a abstract sketch style cross located on my upper trap (will post picture of exact location). I would like for it to be around 12 cm.

In terms of discussing more about the exact tattoo design, I am honestly unsure as to exactly how want the design of the cross to be and I am having some difficulty expressing/describing the design I have in mind, and this is where I want to utilize your creative artistic ability. I am also having difficulty with providing you with a reference photo of what I want because I really cannot seem to find anything on the internet that matches what I want.

To point you in a direction for what style I am going for I will attach the picture of the Sketch angel by Guercino I sent you a couple of years ago. If you look at the picture you will notice that the angel is holding a flower. I feel that this flower almost takes the shape of a cross, which is what contributed to this tattoo concept. I love Guercino style and the style of that sketch, so that is what is inspiring me for this tattoo concept. A free-flowing abstract sketch of a cross. As my name (Stavros) means cross in Greek.

I hope you are willing to work with me on this project as I feel you would be the perfect artist for this concept. Sorry for such a vague explanation of my idea but I am looking forward to discussing it further with you. Please let me know about your travel dates to NY.



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