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eagle flying over mountains

I’d like to have a tattoo that contains mountains and an eagle, wich takes up most of the space, flying above them . For me, mountains represent a feeling of liberty (I love being in the mountains both skiing and hiking) and I see the eagle flying even above them as a sign of letting go of everything and freeing myself from any borders. (Thus, around the tattoo there should not be any borders!) Also, it is my personal reminder that I know who I am and what I am aiming for. Combined with the star sign of the great bear in the background it would be the ideal tattoo for me because my dad used to show me it every time we were observing the sky at night. However, I wonder if the star sign is a little too much …

I prefer a rather small tattoo, based on the description above and the uploaded pictures. Last but not least I have to add that I like the way of how liberty is represented by the one line technique in the first picture but I do not like the simple style of how the lines and the eagle’s face are drawn.

Even though it sounds like I  already have a quite exact idea of what I want, please feel free to add your ideas too!


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Danilo Delfino

Hallo Zoe, Thank you so much for sending your request. I focus on creating a unique tattoo experience where the final details of your artwork will come to life on the day of your session, together we will find the perfect placement, size and make the final design adjustments. I'll be drawing, painting, editing images digitally while getting your feedback, I'm always looking out for new projects and I happy to say that it will be a pleasure o be working with you. My workflow for projects like yours usually consists of: 2+ hours preparation concept. 2+ hours tattooing. With snacks and beverages included. If you are ready to confirm your appointment, you may do so by visiting my Bookings from your dashboard or the link below. https://book.danilodelfino.ink/product/regular-small-tiny/ Please choose Regular Session and the deposit will be used towards the final tattoo price. Total estimated should be max €350. if you have any questions, suggestions, budget concerns, or payment options, you can reply to this message or contact write me on Whatsapp, like you already did :) I'll be looking forward to your confirmation and thank you once again for sharing your idea. Warmly, Danilo Delfino

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