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Mountainsides over my existing tattoo.

Hello Danilo,

Hope you are doing fine. As we talked about earlier I really want my previous arm tattoo to change, adding mountains in the background. Also I really want to have a Mountain landscape on the backside of my upper arm.

For the frontside I like you to decide what we should do. I just want the mountains to blend in to the other tattoo, and probably have a little surfer or bird added to the old one.

For the backside I had the idea of also doing a mountianscape. With the sea in the foreground some palm trees, a sailboat and a whale fin. I‘m really looking forward to see your design/ideas. The front and the backside shouldn’t touch each other so that they can be two individual tattoos. I really liked some of the tattoos you did earlier with mountains so I’m 100% sure it’s going to be amazing!

I hope you like my ideas and that we can soon do another session (the shell and bee also need a refreshment, (really love them by the way)).

Thank you so much!


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