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Rostro de medusa

Rostro de la medusa no tan tétrico y tonos suaves. Igual me gustaría hacerme otros en ese mismo día pero son pequeños y faciles

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Project Response

  1. Hola Mayte,

    Thank you for sending your idea. So beautiful, I’m really excited. Portraits are one of my favorite drawing subjects.

    I want to explain that the final details of your artwork will come to life on the day of your session, however, if you’d like, I also have consultation sessions. (This way you have a few days to think about the design we created) Together we will find the perfect placement, size, and make the final design adjustments. I’ll be drawing, painting, editing images digitally while getting your feedback, I’m always looking out for new projects and I’m happy you have shared yours with me.

    We will likely be using about:
    2+ hours preparation, concept.
    2+ hours tattooing.

    I like to offer a variety of snacks and beverages, so if there’s anything you like, please feel free to suggest.

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    If you have any questions, have a suggestion, want to know about budget, or payment options, reply to this message or contact me through Whatsapp.

    I’ll be looking forward to your confirmation and thank you once again for sharing your idea.


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