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Moon/Rose combination OR a mix of mystical & americana symbols

The first reference would be an image closest to my idea. BUT I also love americana symbols & witchy/mysticals symbols like in reference 2 (these are created by the artist Tom Jean Webb). So if you have an idea how to piece them together I’m open to it because your work ist just amazing 🙂

Also the tattoo should not be too heavy meaning not too dark thick lines.

The tatto should be on my right forearm.



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Danilo Delfino

Hey Sanja, Thank you so much for sending your idea. So beautiful, amusing... I read your message on wahtsapp. I'm so excited about it. It's such an amazing project that I'd like to suggest having a consultation. A few days before the session, we can meet and work on your concept. Together we will find the perfect placement, size and make the final design adjustments. I'll be drawing, painting, editing images digitally while getting your feedback. All and on, consultation and regular session. We will likely be using about: 2+ hours preparation, concept. Consultation. 2 to 3 hours tattooing. Session. I like to offer various snacks and beverages, so if there's anything you like, please feel free to suggest. If you are ready, confirm your appointment by visiting my Bookings from your dashboard on my website. You'll have the option to book a consultation or regular session. Once booked, If you need a different date and time, you can reschedule right from your dashboard; your deposit will be used to secure you a new spot. If you have any questions, have a suggestion, want to know about the budget, or payment options, reply to this message or contact me through Whatsapp. I'll be looking forward to your confirmation, and thank you once again for sharing your idea. Warmly, Danilo

Sanja Nedeljkovic

I'll confirm my appointment

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