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Floral work – circle of life

I am thinking about a flower which is “blown away” and gets blurry until it is just “dust”. An nothing left than air (inhale /exhale symbols). Maybe with a quote “everything the light touches”. This is my rough idea. I would also like to make it like a round shape somehow to reference to the circle of life. (Lion king) but I would keep the creative part up to you.

I like apple blossoms since I have those on my back as well. Also I am into fine lines and just black and white or “water colour” style.

Not sure about my references though – I am open for styles since this idea is quite complex :-D.

Body part for this project is lower arm the inhale exhale part should be close to wrist/thumb. And the flower on the side Infront of my elbow. It is quite a large and long area on my arm so I would prefer less is more on that one 😉





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