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half sleve. finishing/ extending a pice you started. maybe fish/water elements

Hey Danilo! i like the style you started the first pice in, and something similar with maybe some thiker lines would be cool. i was thinking of maybe somthing fish or water related, but i am open for any suggestions, or whaterver you think would fit the upper arm best.The first tatto you made was the very first i got and i wanted it to be gentel and with thin lines. now i would like it to be bigger and going around the arm. just something that fits the area and is pleasing to the eye, like the first one! looking forward to hear from you!, best julia


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Danilo Delfino

Hey Julia, Thank you so much for writing me, I'm more than happy to continue our project. Is there a chance that you could come to Vienna sometime soon? If not, when and where would be a better match? Hope to talk to you soon, Danilo Delfino

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