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Outline of towers from torres del paine national park

Outline of the towers in Torres del Paine national park in Chile is the part of the design I’m most sure of (images of the 3 towers attached), maybe with a moon and constellation above. I would love  your ideas about filling out the design. I love your floral work and geometric work. I’m a big fan of clear delicate lines and little/light shading. Thank you for considering this piece!


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Danilo Delfino

Hi Cheyenne, Thank you so much for sending your request. It's a beautiful idea, and the references are so unique. I'll be happy to be working with you, and I'm pleased to say that I have plans to be in New York very soon. Do you have availability either, from March 26th to the 31st? If not, is there any preferred date and time? Feel free to let me know if you have any questions, and I'll get back to you with more information to confirm your appointment. Warmly, Danilo Delfino

Cheyenne Stewart

Hi Danilo, Thanks so much for your reply and interest! My apologies for the delayed response, I thought my comment posted but I don't think it did. Is there any chance you will be in New York anytime between Mar 1- 15th? I was supposed to be out of town for the last two weeks in march but if that is the only time you are available, I will reschedule my plans. Thanks so much for your interest, am really looking forward to working with you! Hope you are well, Cheyenne

Cheyenne Stewart

Hi Danilo, Thank you again for your interest in working with me! I was able to rearrange my travel plans to be available the dates you mentioned. If you still have availability on the 27th or 28th, those dates would be great, but I can be available any of the dates before the 30th. Thank you so much for your work and your consideration! Hope you are well, Cheyenne

Cheyenne Stewart

Hi Danilo, I would love to continue this piece if you plan to be in New York this year and you are still interested! Do you have dates you are scheduled in NYC? Ideal for me would be sometime in October but I’m happy to work around your travel schedule. Thank you! Cheyenne

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