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Hi Danilo 😉 I put my request here as it I want to modify my tattoo on my left arm. The second reference picture shows my tattoo as I have it right now (I send you an E mail in September, but lost track due to the lockdown). I don’t  like the twigs, they are too rigid for my taste and don’t chime in with the other figures so I want to cover them. When I saw your customized tattoo (Image that best describes your idea of a great tattoo) I was in love with the lightness of the design and hoped you could do something similar with my tattoo. I am happy about the deer and the handstand but I want to surround it with the lines and shapes as you used in your art work. Your design resonates so much with me, I can’t really explain why. The lines, waves and sheets are simply so beautiful.


Leave in the comments any additional details about your idea. Feel free to share more images, budget, or additional questions. Write as many times you want.

Project Response

  1. Hi Mara,

    Thank you so much for sharing your request again. I want to suggest a quick chat before giving you all the information about which appointment should we schedule.

    If you have time Monday, please feel free to write me on WhatsApp and perhaps we can chat a bit: +1 347 913 6794

    Regardless, thank you so much for contacting me again.

    Danilo Delfino

  2. Hi Mara,

    The information about the project:

    This is a unique tattoo experience. Created to produce the artwork through your intentions, empowerment, and beliefs. Using the tattoo as a transformation part of your journey to celebrate who you are.

    In the first session, we will determine how long the tattoo will take, brainstorming to co-create the artwork and explore different artistic styles. So, I’ll be drawing, painting, or editing images digitally while sometimes designing directly on your skin with brushes or makers.

    The second session consists of tattooing. Up to 4+ hours and scheduled at your preferred time. Before and Aftercare instructions will be provided as well as a small caring kit.

    I have 2 available spots for February. Which includes:

    2 Days Sessions
    1 Day of Tattooing 4+ hours
    1 Day Brainstorming 4+ hours
    Beverages, Fruits, and Snacks
    Small Aftercare Kit

    This project has no deposit or hourly rate; the cost is in the full amount or it can be split by 50/50 (If you decide to use 50/50, please use the code 50/50 in the coupon code area). The price is €1200, which is €150/hourly or €600/day. (My hourly rate for regular projects is €350).

    I understand that this tattoo experience might not be for everyone. However, if you are ready for it, please visit the link:


    Make sure you select Custom Art and follow the instructions to choose your preferred date and time. The second session will be scheduled at the end of your first one.

    If you need to cancel or reschedule, you can contact me at any time.


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