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Curious and restless personality. Always looking for something new to experience. On the other hand very quiet and tends to overthink a lot. My emtions control me more than i do control my emtions. Very Impulsive.

This artwork should represent the quietness but also restlessness in my mind. Often I feel like my mind is going so fast i can‘t even keep up. I am always searching for quietness when it goes fast but searching for something new when it is very still. I like to think of it being shown through a flower, a fruit, a snake or delicate dragon. Could also be a scene from nature. But i am actually very open to ideas coming from you! 🙂

Mediator Infp-A/Infp-T


In the notes, you can share any additional details about your idea. Feel free to send more images, links, or let me know a little more about why this project is so important. We'll be talking about it at the day of our session and I'll write you back before our appointment if I have any consideration. Keep any an eye on your Email or if we've been talking via Whatsapp...

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Danilo Delfino

Hi Lisa, I’m sending over my new reply to the project since I finally had time to elaborate and explain all the details, I’ve received a few requests, but I’m planning on having only 2 each month. I’m forwarding this to you since you’ve been one of the first to demonstrate interest. . Created to produce the artwork through your intentions, empowerment, and beliefs. Using the tattoo as a transformation part of your journey to celebrate who you are. In the first session, we will determine how long the tattoo will take, brainstorming to co-create the artwork and explore different artistic styles. You've done a great job describing your intentions and yourself. So, I'll be drawing, painting, or editing images digitally while sometimes designing directly on your skin with brushes or makers. The second session consists of tattooing. Up to 4+ hours and scheduled at your preferred time. Before and Aftercare instructions will be provided as well a small caring kit. I have 2 available spots for February. Which includes: 2 Days Sessions 1 Day of Tattooing 4+ hours 1 Day Brainstorming 4+ hours Beverages, Fruits, and Snacks Small Aftercare Kit This project has no deposit; the cost in full is to maintain a harmonious atmosphere from start to finish and to not break it with a payment transaction. The price is €1200, which is €150/hourly or €600/day. I understand that this tattoo experience might not be for everyone. However, if you are ready, please visit the link: https://book.danilodelfino.ink/product/custom-collection/ Make sure you select Custom Art and follow the instructions to choose your preferred date and time. The second session will be scheduled at the end of your first one. If you need to cancel or reschedule, you can contact me at any time. Please don't hesitate to ask any further questions and you can also write to me on WhatsApp +1 347 913 6794. I'm looking forward to meeting you and I hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy. Warmly, Dear Danilo

Lisa Stübler

Hello! Thank your for your answer and for explaining to me how everything works. This is such an amazing prject and I would be very excited to take part. Unfortunately i have to cancel my request because it is simply a bit too expensive for me right now. It fully makes sense to me why this is the budget it is, especially after you explained everything so detailed. I really love and enjoy your work - it is truly amazing. I just can not afford it right now. Sorry for taking your time and not really informing myself about the costs. I hope I can still get a tattoo from you one day! Best regards, Lisa

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