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a sketchy version of Henri Toulouse Lautrec’s beautiful “Clowness” on my forearm
Since Henri Toulouse Lautrec is my favorite painter and I saw your interest and sheer brilliance in portraying masterpieces like Frida Kahlo, I’d love to get „the clowness“ as a single figure without any background and the lower part of her black dress tattooed by your skillful hand! (a picture of the exact silhouette admired will be enclosed –  please look up the whole artwork in the other attachement, since I might have cropped a few parts a little too harshy – like her nose or the hanging ribbon)
What is more, I’d admire your abstract and sketch-like ways of making an already existing artworks yours, which is why I‘d love to get her in a similar style as the images of tattoos you did – like Frida Kahlo or the sketchy tattooed philosopher seen on your instagram post from the 11.01.
In this specific point I’d trust you with your design Ideas, since you’re certainly more trained in finding the best way of tattooing an artwork like this!
It would be lovely, to get just her tattooed on my left forearm.
The motive shouldn’t be too big, so 5×5 or 6×6 cm would be amazing!  – If you think the motive would be better in a slightly bigger size, I’m absolutely fine with that as well!
I’d be over the moon and overjoyed if you would be interested in choosing me and my tattoo-idea for any of your time slots in Vienna!
If yes, it would be incredibly kind of you to send me some feedback, wishes to change something in the details I mentioned, additional ideas for my motive and some information about the pricing for your hard work!


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Lisa Grossegg

ah, and just to add this little snippet of information: I‘m located directly in Vienna - so I would be more than flexible regarding a potential date for an appointment!

Lisa Grossegg

Concerning the type of session, I‘m uncertain if my project does fit better in the „small session“ category or should be considered for a „regular session“ - so I would be grateful to hear your opinion on it! (It would also be my very first tattoo, maybe that‘s why I can‘t estimate the duration and overall effort that goes in it)

Danilo Delfino

Hi Lisa, Thank you so much for sending this thoughtful and detailed request. I'll be more than happy to help bring your project to life. Love the idea and theme. I'm pretty sure we'll come up with something amazing together. The placement is amazing for the amount of details you are describing. With that said, please feel free to visit the Regular & Full Sessions page from the link above, then follow the instructions to book a Regular session. If you have any questions, please let me know. Also, feel free to share your full budget. Looking forward to be meeting you... Lots of love, Danilo

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