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landscape on my arm

to create a memory of my origin, a place between coniferous forests and granite rocks; extensive hilly landscape

maybe you have a idea how to combine it with a thoroughbred horse

i prefer a sketchbook style, with abstract pieces; open minded 😉


In the notes, you can share any additional details about your idea. Feel free to send more images, links, or let me know a little more about why this project is so important. We'll be talking about it at the day of our session and I'll write you back before our appointment if I have any consideration. Keep any an eye on your Email or if we've been talking via Whatsapp...

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Danilo Delfino

Hi Niko, I unfortunately missed out on a few messages while working on my new space. I'm happy to have received your confirmation and I'm looking forward to be meeting you. I'm very excited for our session next week. Looking forward and please feel free to send more references. Lots of love, Danilo

Niko Danninger

Hi Danilo, is the session on Thursday possible because of the COVID-19 sanctions? Greetings Niko

Danilo Delfino

Hi Niko, Thanks for writing, so thankfully this time we won’t need to go through any restrictions for tattooing, there are recommendations about wearing a mask and hygiene. So all good for us to have the session on Thursday. Looking forward. To confirm, address is Wiedner Gurtel 50 / Top 19. See you Thursday.

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