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Senecio inaequidens (wildflower) on my arm

A Senecio inaequidens flower in pale colours on my left arm – depending on where it fits best I’d do forearm or upper arm 🙂

Leave in the comments any additional details about your idea. Feel free to share more images, budget, or additional questions. Write as many times you want.

Project Response

  1. Hi Marie,

    Thank you so much for sending your request. I’m already so excited to be working on your project.

    Botanical artwork is one of my favorites, and I’m sure your “Senecio inaequidens”, no matter where in the body, will look great.

    If you are ready for it, I invite you to have a look at the Small Sessions page to see the available dates and times. Find what works for you.

    Also, let me know if you have any questions. I’m looking forward to be meeting you.

    Lot’s of love,

    1. Hi,thank you so much for getting back to me!

      I only have question regarding the duration/ pricing?
      I know your rate starts at 250€ – I was just wondering how long you think this session could take and how much it would cost me all together?

      Thank you so much, I’d be really excited to get this done!
      Just need to calculate my budget:)

      Much love to you,

      1. I’m so sorry I forgot to include the estimate. So I’ve now started to work with fixed rates for each session. Meaning that the Small ones have $250 deposit and are 2 hours long, however instead of charging $500, my 2 hours price is $450, If we need an extra hour, then another $250 will be added. And in the end we will subtract your deposit from the final price.

        If you still have questions, just let me know.

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