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Flower on hip

Hey, we are three girls who would love to get three different flower tattoos. I’ve already send you a dm, sorry if that’s not how you usually get bookings. If you are free we would love to come for a consultation but all of us are absolutely in love with your style and would adore to be tattooed by you!


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Danilo Delfino

Hi there, Thank you so much for sending your request and no worries on sending the direct message. It would be a pleasure to be tattooing you and your friends. To explain, I like to work on the details of every project together with my clients. So design, adjustments on placement, and size, are all done the day of our session. But, tattooing only starts once you are 100% happy with everything. To confirm a date for our session, I invite you to visit the Dates and Appointments page. There’s a link on your Dashboard and another just below your info in this page. There will be a €300 deposit. This amount is subtracted from the final price, which is calculated by hour. It’s likely, that we’ll be using 1 hour to complete each flower. It may vary regarding size and complexity of the design we chose. But we might be looking at a total of €250 - €300 for each flower to make sure we get every single detail for a long lasting beautiful tattoo. The preparation time before tattooing starts, it’s free of any charge. Let me know what flower you are looking for and if they will be in color. Please select Regular Session when Scheduling your Appointment. If you have, be comfortable to share your budget, but please consider it an investment for life. If, for any reason, you need a different time or to reschedule, you can let me know and use the deposit to secure you a new spot in the future. I look forward to meeting you and thank you once again for choosing me.

Ninon Hauswirth

Hello, lovely to hear back from you! Everything sounds perfect. I forgot to mention that each tattoo is only supposed to have a caliber of around 1,5 cm... so very small. What do you think that will cost? Exited to go forward in the process! X Ninon

Danilo Delfino

That's indeed a lot smaller. Thought it would be about the size of your reference. Please if you can, also forward some of the placement pictures (where in your body and your friends) also, if you would like, your budget. But, considering the "new" size, It's possible to set the price at my lowest rate of €200 for each tattoo. We'll be looking at a few hours of preparation, design, placement, tattooing, and details. Feel free to send any other questions. Looking forward as well.

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