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anchor with olive branch on my arm

This will be my first tattoo and it‘s ment to be an hommage to my happy place at the seaside. I would like to get an anchor in combination with an olive branch. Concerning the size I thought about a rather smaller scale like 3-4 cm.


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Danilo Delfino

Thank you so much for sending your requests. As I can see, you have already scheduled your appointment for the 25th of September at 11:00AM. Thank you so much and I'm looking forward to be meeting you. Although rather small, my attention to details are the same as bigger projects, I like your references and If you would like to include a small sea scene, l'd be happy to be thinking on some. Btw, do you have an specific seaside that you prefer or loved to be traveling to? (Feel free to include images in the comments or to add in the idea by pressing the image icon just below your project title). To explain, I like to work on the details of every project together with my clients. So design, adjustments on placement, and size, are all done the day of our session. But, tattooing only starts once you are 100% happy with everything. The €300 deposit is equivalent for the first hour of our session, this amount is subtracted from the final price, which is calculated by hour. Projects like yours usually take about 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete and the preparation time before tattooing starts, it’s free of any charge. Price includes follow up session for details and touch ups. The fine delicate tattoos are in a trend, but I take them very seriously to make sure you'll have a long lasting beautiful piece of artwork. Feel free to send any questions, I look forward to meeting you and, thank you once again for choosing me.

Tihana Bijelic

hi danilo! thank you so much for your response! your idea about an additional small sea scene sounds actually nice, my only wish is that it doesn’t look too packed with motives or too much of a real scenery but since you are the professional i‘m open for any suggestions! now to get it right, i will see your suggestion the day we meet, right? that’s exciting! you asked about a specific seaside ... well i have croatian roots and spent every summer at the croatian coast, and still do. it’s the one place i feel free and grounded. i‘m really very excited about this! p.s. if possible i would like to take my friend hannah to the session, just let me know if this is fine with you

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