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Half-figure Portrait in my arm.


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Lukas Hohlagschwandt er

Hey, im from Austria and this would be my First Tattoo ever. Idk If this amount of details are possible in a Tattoo. Or If it is even nessecery. Im Open for new interpretations :)

Danilo Delfino

Hi Lukas, thank you for sending your request and comment. Happy to hear that this is your first tattoo. Nowadays, there's a lot more possible since needles and ink are far more advanced. You wouldn't believe what's possible and I'm confident to say that your project can be done and look incredibly detailed. We just need to choose the best approach, size, and make sure that the placement can hold this level of details. I, particularly, love to work with textures which can help give even more character to your art, and all I can say, I'm already excited about it. If you would like to confirm your appointment, I'd recommend scheduling a Regular Session. It's likely that we will be using 2 hours to complete and It's also possible that a second but smaller session of max 1 hour will be needed to add extra details and make sure everything is looking great. After healing, in case we need a Touch Up, you'll be able to schedule it without any additional cost. Please understand that this is a work of art with attention to details and we want it to look great, but feel free to openly tell me what's your comfortable budget. Now, feel free to visit the Dates and Appointments link and I look forward to be seeing you soon.

Lukas Hohlagschwandt er

Hey, thx for the fast answer. Im more then happy to hear that its possible to do this amazing picture :). The price is not of importence for me, good work has its price and im willing to pay it. I chose the 12.9.2020 as appointment. I am already excited and cant wait to see how it turns out. with the best wishes lukas

Danilo Delfino


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