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Butterfly in flower behind my left ear

The butterfly is the symbol a very special person in my life associates with my soul. The flower means to me nature, dipicts my deep love and respect for nature. A butterfly needs to rest sometimes 😉

I would love to have it in fine line aquarelle style as you can see in the pictures. A little bit of color would also be nice.


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Verena Trestl

Hi Danilo I just wanted to book an appointment for 28.8. but when it came to payment it threw me out of the session and won‘t let me book again...what can I do?Please help :-) thx (I will try it again tomorrow)

Verena Trestl

..and it‘s butterfly on flower of course not in flower ;-)

Verena Trestl

Did it!All well see you on 28th (at Weyringergasse 19?) and maybe talk to you before?Bye!

Verena Trestl

It would be great if we could do both tattoos within the booked 6 hours..do you think this is possible?Looking forward to hearing from you :-) Bye

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