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The freedom of a red kite! It’s about how they move threw the air – they glide threw it and for me it looks like freedom.

I already explained it – but the movement of a red kite really amazes me. They sail threw the air and every movement is a pleasure to watch. I always watch them with my dad while working in the wine yards and this forms a connection between us.
This is what freedom looks like for me – flying wherever you want, moving threw the air and watching everything from above. I want the red kite to fly up the curve of my upper back – the picture I sent shows the back of a friend of mine – because I really like the placement of the tattoo. I don’t want it to be too small but also not too big – maybe I should have picked a medium size, but I really don’t want the bird to overpower my whole upper back either.

  • : small
  • : torso


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Ines Binder

I would like to book an appointment for October - if that's still possible.

Danilo Delfino

Hi Ines, Thank you so much for sending your idea. I need to apologise for my late response, but I hope we can still be working together. Love the idea and the placement. I'm super excited to be designing this piece. So, if you want, please feel free to visit the Dates and Appointments link to schedule the best date and time. Make sure you select Regular Session and don't forget to read the FAQ page. It's likely that we will need about 2 hours to finish your tattoo. So, deposit + 1 hour (300). Questions, suggestions, or anything else... I'm looking forward to be meeting you.

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