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Being a doctor I want to treat patients with knowledge while being in a good interpersonal relationship with them. This shall always be my way of approaching new patients and new treatments.

I’ve always wanted to be a doctor but never quite believed enough in myself that I can survive 6 years of medschool. I became a social worker and started working with teenagers who weren’t allowed to live with their parents anymore. I always believed that there are laws for a reason but personal history and personal feelings of the people I work with mean so much more to me than what authorities say. Whenever I had to make decisions, I tried to find a way to connect my feelings towards what I think would be right for my patients and what the law says. I could never only act with knowing the law and not knowing the personal feelings/history of the person. Same as I obviously could never act out of personal feelings without considering the law and what’s possible in the state of Austria. I always felt like decisions should be a mix of personal gut feelings and knowledge and facts.
However – I loved being a social worker but medicine is still so fascinating and I’m starting medschool in October. This tattoo shall always remind me of what I started with and what my personal approach should be: Never treat people without having an interpersonal connection with them and listening to them. And never treat them without knowing what I’m talking about.

The tattoo should be in fine lines on my inner forearm – right under the elbow. Not too big but of course big enough so that you can see the details.
I want one half of the design to be half a brain and to other side half a anatomical heart (not too detailed!!). I thought about having to anatomical heart tattooed in red but I’m not sure about this yet. Referring to the photo I uploaded: I don’t want the brain to be drawn so jaggy but rather in round lines/shapes. I hope you understand what I mean. Besides that I’m really happy with the drawing I uploaded. I’m really happy with the writing of “I THINK” and “I FEEL” but I also wouldn’t mind having it written in a different font. Something a little more cursive… Not too sure about this yet…

  • : If you want to come to Innsbruck (Austria) - that would be perfect. If not, I'm very happy travelling to Vienna.
  • : small
  • : arms
  • : I don't really mind when I'll get my tattoo done - if the next free appointment is in a year than I'm totally fine with waiting until then. 🙂 In case you can't understand what I've written (my English is not too good - sorry about that), please let me know. I'll try and rewrite it.
I don’t really mind when I’ll get my tattoo done – if the next free appointment is in a year than I’m totally fine with waiting until then. :) In case you can’t understand what I’ve written (my English is not too good – sorry about that), please let me know. I’ll try and rewrite it.


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Danilo Delfino

Hi Katharina, This past year has been so challenging for all of us that I can only wish you a blessed 2021. I hope you and your loved ones are doing great, and I also want to apologize for not being able to accommodate your requests before. I had so many cancellations and rescheduling that it became impossible to keep up with all the messages. Unfortunately, I missed the opportunity to work with so many great ideas, just like yours. However, if you are still interested, I more than happy to say that my bookings are open, and I have available appointments for the end of Jan and Feb. If so, let me know if you have any questions or visit the Book your Session area from your dashboard. Once again, thank you for sending your request and my sincere apologies for the terrible timing. Lots of love, Danilo Delfino

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