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Wild Home Country

My home country is Switzerland. I wanted to personalize the current tattoo I already have by adding an or several elegant poppy flowers (either filling/drawing on top). As they are wild flowers that grow a lot back there, I wanted to customize/improve the first tattoo. I have to admit that I am not very happy with the current tattoo I have, but I definitely want to keep the Switzerland idea behind it.

  • : medium
  • : arms

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Project Response

  1. Hi Camille,

    Thank you so much for sending your request. I must apologize for taking such a long time for my reply. Since Convid, I’ve canceled all my trips to NY.

    However, I’ll likely be visiting NY before the end of the year. Around the end of NOV till early DEC.

    Let me know if that would be a possible time. I am looking forward to it!

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