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Botanical composition on different body parts

I imagine some bundles of different (wild) flowers as poppy seeds, eucalyptus, gypsophila, maybe some blossoms of hydrangeas (not the whole bunch of it), lavender, shamrock and other type of leaves/grass… I know it’s a crazy mixture but to most of them I have special connections with… Childhood, symbolic meaning, Ireland or simply because I like its look or smell.

I love flower tattoos. They are classy, timeless and feminine. Plus it goes well with the shapes of our bodies πŸ˜‰

Sternum/ribs on mainly right side, left hip, left inner upper arm, left wrist. Either all of it or at least sternum/rib and hip.
On the left upper arm on the back I already have another tattoo – if that’s a necessary information.

Black ink only, please.
First picture is from pinterest (don’t blame me 😝) for visualizing my idea.
Second one of your portfolio… Poppy and style, both gorgeous.
Third mockup-picture: possible placements on my body (the eye tattoo is already there for real – on my right arm).

Hope it was not too much and clear enough. I can – of course – send you more examples if needed. I could get inked earlier as well, 3 months seemed more suitable though ;) I’d be very happy to be part of your artwork! Thanks for your time! Hope to hear from you, Bridget


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Brigitte Kaser

I'd like to show an idea for the arm-part that I saw :) depending on how much time it all takes of course... ;)

Brigitte Kaser

Hello Danilo! I want to add some leaves/gras and a poppy to my botanical arm from our huge session πŸ˜† I upload a mockup so we can talk about it on Friday 😁 it might not be that much/big as it shows but let's see 😊 will be grateful for your advice πŸ™ I'm looking forward to it! 😍

Brigitte Kaser

Second mockup for the addition...

Brigitte Kaser

For you - or some other future projects we might have - I upload HEALED pictures (selfies; therefore not 100% sharp, sorry) I will also add the BUTTERFLY here, as it was a wannado of yours and never got a separate project in my profile ;)

Brigitte Kaser

Arm #2

Brigitte Kaser

Healed Underboob 😊

Brigitte Kaser

Lavender on wrist

Brigitte Kaser

And the 95% healed butterfly on my left thigh 😁 πŸ–€πŸ–€πŸ–€ Thank you πŸ™

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