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Living in accordance/harmony with nature

Hi Danilo,

if I were to give it a title it would definitely be ‘living in accordance/harmony with nature’ – quote literally and also as a sort of homage to stoic thought.
I’m looking for an iconic Fineline/Linework/Dotwork nature scenery (mountain, trees, maybe reflection thereof in water) and a half-face portrait of Marcus Aurelius embedded in a geometric structure (I have one that I like very much – will send over if you’re interested in this project). I already have a tattoo right beneath the crook of my arm, would like to integrate this in the new one (should be part of it and not be separate). If possible I would also want to include Hokusai’s Great Wave with a geometric fibonacci overlay. 

On my right forearm – primarily on the inside but can be half sleeve due to the size of the design as well as level of detail.
Hope you like this idea.


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  • : No I guess I covered it all in the last section. If you are interested I have collected a few more images that might be useful as a source of inspiration for the nature scenery.
No I guess I covered it all in the last section. If you are interested I have collected a few more images that might be useful as a source of inspiration for the nature scenery.


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Roman Leeb

Here's the portrait of Marcus Aurelius that I mentioned in the description

Roman Leeb

Don't like the style of this particularly but something along the line of mountain in the back, surrounded by trees and both reflect in water.

Roman Leeb

Hokusai's Kanagawa wave with fibonacci overlay

Roman Leeb

mood pic trees #1

Roman Leeb

mood pic trees #2

Roman Leeb

not quite sure if this fits the idea but pretty darn cool one

Danilo Delfino

Good Evening Roman, I'm very excited and looking forward to our project tomorrow. Great references and amazing idea. I want to thank you for your patience since I haven't replied to your message before. I just want to explain the way I work and a few other informations. First, I like to create the artwork together with my clients before starting the tattoo and only when you are 100% happy with every detail. Most of the time, it takes about 2 to 3 hours to finish a complex concepts and those hours are free of any charge. Project like yours can take 2 to 3 hours to complete the base concept and fine details another 1 or 2 hours, depending on the complexity of the elements. Sometimes it's easier and faster to work on larger concepts so I'll be able to give a more precise estimate tomorrow. The address of the studio is Weyringergasse 19 / 1, but you can also just send a message on WhatsApp to let me know when you arrive. I'm looking forward to be meeting you and please feel free to send any questions. See you tomorrow and once again, Thank You!!!

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