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I would like to have a few thin flowers like a sunflower, because that is the favourit flower of my sister. Some dandelions, because I have some very special memories with them with my grandmother and some orchids. My mother and I love to watch musicals in the theater and our favourit one was rebecca and they sing about orchids in their most populer Song. My favourit flowers are hibiscus, because I think they look absolutly stunning. I want it like on the reference picture. It should look like bunch of flowers.

  • : medium
  • : legs

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Project Response

  1. Hi Jennifer,

    Thank you so much for sending your idea and I want to apologise for the late response, its been a few months and I definitely didn’t intent to be taking this long. All I can say, I hope this message is arriving in a good time. I do look forward to be working with you so, let me know if you are still interested. Hope to be seeing you soon…

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