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hey danilo ๐Ÿ™‚
hope u are doing ok!
we’ve never discussed this directly but i thought since we could fit in two tattoos last time it it wouldn’t be a problem this time. I am not sure if you charge the 300 euros for the 4 hours or the work itself (guessing both) but if u want to charge more than i can 100% understand. I’ll just explain my ideas down here but if anything is too much or won’t work in these 4 hours please let me know and i’ll settle on less.

1. Water reflection in a rectangle (5-6cm long)
– on my left upper under arm / under the elbow
– if possible with a little bit of color (similar to the first picture – the yellow, blue-ish situation in between the light reflections)

2. P.O.P (1 – 1.5cm)
– on the back of my hand, in between my the wrist bones if that makes sense

3. 52 (1cm)
– on back pinky finger

4. 14-1118 TCX (5cm?)
– not sure yet where exactly but i’m guessing on my right under arm

see u in a few weeks and wish u a good night ๐Ÿ™‚
already super excited!


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    Danilo Delfino

    Hi Chris, Happy you toke the time to write. All the tattoos are fairly simple and small, the exception is the water reflection, that can take some time to get it to look just right. I believe we might need a little more than 1 hour to complete everything. Perhaps, 1 hour and 30 minutes. Since you did not send any idea before, I didn't have the chance to tell the details of how I work. The deposit cover the cost of the first hour of our session, I work with the same amount for the hourly rate. So if we need an extra 30 minutes, the remaining balance will be โ‚ฌ150. Total of โ‚ฌ450 minus deposit. The 4 hours range include the preparation time, which is likely to take about 1 to 2 hours before tattooing starts, this is complete free of charge and I only count the time we are tattooing. Regardless of the size, delicate tattoos, specially on the hand, must be carefully done to make sure you'll have a clean well healed artwork in the future. So, If you have, please fee free to share what your comfortable budget is, let me know if you have any questions and happy to be seeing you soon!!! Best, Danilo

    christina appel

    hey danilo :) u are not answering so iโ€™m writing you here. pls let me know if you have any free days the upcoming weeks. rly wanna get these done by you. if you want me to pay more then thatโ€™s fine as well just pls communicate with me. wish u a nice sunday, chriss

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