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The view of the mountains I saw when I grew up on my chest

Hi Danilo! You might remember me, I’m the guy that got that tattoo of an astronaut on my calf from Max back in November.

I actually have 2 ideas, the first one would be the mountain range that I saw every day from my window when I grew up as a kid. I’m thinking of a really detailed artwork since my sister also wants to get the same range but only the outlines. In size about 14 x 8 cm, so basically across my left chest. I guess the meaning is pretty straightforward since it’s a good memory from my childhood that I want to have on me.

As for the second, since I’m very into astronautics and space exploration I would really like to have a part of the Golden Record from the Voyager mission. I really like the one on the second reference picture on my shoulder or the whole record on my forearm near the elbow. The meaning is basically the same as the mountains but at a grander scheme of things – so the lines represent the position of the earth in relation to 14 different pulsating stars.

If you are interested in making these kind of things then I would love to get inked from you 🙂

Here’s a link to the piece on the forearm: https://dustandgrooves.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/Dust_and_Grooves_2583.jpg


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Danilo Delfino

Hi Lukas, Thank you so much for sending your request. I do remember you, great piece you got from Max, If I'm not mistaken, was that your first piece, right. Super excited about the both ideas, nature and landscapes are always so much fun, and I'm also a big fan of space related motifs. So, I’m happy to help bring your ideas to life, and I’m sure we’ll be creating something beautiful together. A little bit of how I work: I often like to finish the final details of every project together with my clients. Adjustments on placement, size, design are all made the day of your session. Tattooing only starts once you are 100% happy with everything, and if you would like to know more about my workflow, please visit the FAQ for additional details. To confirm a date for your session, I invite you to visit the Schedule Appointment from a link on your profile page or by visiting the link shared below, select the best date and time and follow instructions for payment. There is a €300 deposit used to cover the cost of the first hour of our session, this amount is subtracted from the final price, which is calculated by hour. Each project should take about 2 to 3 hours to complete, in which case I often set a fixed daily rate so you can have a discounted price. The preparation time, might take few hours before tattooing starts, but it’s completely free of charge. Please select Regular Session when Scheduling your Appointment, and if you have, please feel free what's your comfortable budget. Just keep in mind, this is a custom artwork with a lot of details, and we want it to look great. If, for some reason, you need a different time or to reschedule, you can let me know and use the deposit to secure you a new spot in the future. Please visit the link below for the confirmation. https://book.danilodelfino.ink/product/schedule-appointment/ I look forward to meeting you again, and thank you once again for being choosing me for your next tattoo. Best, Danilo

Lukas Schauer

Hey Danilo, I guess I messed up the booking a little since the checkout didn't work properly the first few times. I hope it got through now for June 13 at 11 AM. Do you think you can work with the picture of the mountains since the tree is a little in the way? Because I will go to Innsbruck next week and I probably could make another/better picture without a tree in it. Also how long do you think the whole project with both tattoos will take? All the best Lukas

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