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Flowers around knee

I’d love to get a mix of orchids, magnolias and cherry blossoms around my knee on a branch which splits upwards around my knee (starting in the middle under my knee)

Orchids because my mom loves them and magnolias/cherry blossoms because my dad is a photographer and takes pictures of flowers a lot and I am just in love with the pictures of these flowers from him 🙂


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    Lisa Müllek

    Time for tattoo is also okay up to 6 months :)

    Danilo Delfino

    Hi Lisa, Thank you so much for sending your request. Lovely concept, tricky placement :) but in love with the challenge. I’m more than happy to help bring your project to life and I’m sure we’ll be creating something beautiful together. Always in love with floral designs!!! I like to finish the final details of every project together with my clients. Adjustments on placement, size, design are all made the day of your session. Tattooing only starts once you are 100% happy with everything, and if you would like to know more about my workflow, please visit the FAQ for additional details. To confirm a date for your session, I invite you to visit the Schedule Regular or Custom Sessions from the link on your profile page or by visiting the one shared below, select the best date and time and follow the instructions to book Regular Session. I'm currently available for May, June and soon July. There is a €300 deposit used for the first hour of our session, this amount is subtracted from the final price, which is calculated by hour. Projects like yours might take about 4 hours to complete, due to the complexity of the placement and skin around this region. The preparation time might take about 2 hours before tattooing starts and it's free of charge. We may also consider completing the tattoo in multiple sessions, so two session of 2 hours each. I'm always happy to offer discounted price for longer sessions, so quality is never compromised so, if you have, feel free what's your comfortable budget. Just keep in mind, this is a custom art with the attention to details, and we want it to look great. If for some reason, after confirmation, you need a different time or to reschedule, you can use the deposit to secure you a new spot in the future. Please, visit the link below for the confirmation. https://book.danilodelfino.ink/product/schedule-appointment/ Let me know if you have any questions, I look forward to meeting you, and thank you once again. All the best, Danilo

    Lisa Müllek

    Hi Danilo, I am sorry about my late response. Due to the current situation I haven't been finding the time for project like this. I also gave my design more thought. I have a question, would you also do cover up project? I am thinking a lot about my tattoo on my other leg and I know at last I am not very happy about it. In case you would be willing to accept such a project I would love to do this. I also would be open about the cover up design since this is a more difficult cover up to do (tattoo got colors like red,orange yellow black..) .. flowers would be my favorite design of course, I am also super interested in a kind of design you posted on Instagram (blue flower). I really hope to hear from you soon/again. Wish you stay healthy! Greetings, Lisa (I somehow can't upload pictures on this comment 😞 the upload button won't react )

    Lisa Müllek

    Okay I thought again and I think my cover up wouldn't work. Hope I didn't confuse you. But I am thinking of getting a collection tattoo from you.

    Danilo Delfino

    Hi Lisa, I hope you and your loved ones are doing great and thank you for the follow up, I completely understand that this past year was a bit of challenging to all of us. I'll be happy to finally be working with you and extra excited to know you are interested in one of my designs. Also, if you decide to get it, I'll be happy to give some time, at the day of your session, to discuss your cover up because I do work with them. I could offer some insights and think about the possibilities. Regarding the designs, they are unique and will become unavailable in the shop, you will be the only person having it. Later, you can then book a session, at your preferred date and time. At the moment, I have available slots for the upcoming weeks and early February. More soon for March and April. Let me know if you have any other questions and feel free to write me asking about anything. I'll be looking forward to be meeting you. Warmly, Danilo

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