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I want the outline of Tom & his girlfriend as a representation of my grandparents and I’m getting a lyrics around that tattoo in Spanish of a song that reminds me of my mother and love .

I see it as fine line but not to the point where someone behind can’t see I want it to be subtle but with the bold meaning behind it I know I’ll love that tattoo forever. It’s going to be on my birthday today I’m getting my mom signature on my left hand on my vein ( ring finger ) and depending on the pain level ( I have a high tolerance) I’ll get elio 3 times above my elbow in a regular font my handwriting and my mother’s . Call me by your name is my favorite movie of this year , I’ve seen it with my mother my mom is a religious person but she accept the ideas of lgbt+ and anyone who feels like their were born different. She’s been my life line and emotional support system and I love the scene when they call each other by their name . The meaning it’s for my grandparents and my mother, childhood.

I want the lyric from the song ‘ mi Nina ‘ around my cats in script in my handwriting, I want the lyric in fine line in red . My mother love for music always impacts me until this day and I’ll always love that song I’ll write down the lyric and bring it to my session, I’m still trying to perfect how I want the writing . Hopefully you’re not book on June 1 at midnight because I have a very busy day . I don’t want to be going around with a fresh tattoo and I want to do a big announcement to my grandma & my mom . My papi Ralph ( grandpa ) die in 2013 and I’m going to get a tat for him on his 8 year anniversary of passing next year . That the best friend I’ll always have because I always feel his aura on my birthday every 4 years after he passed in 2013 .

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