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Final touch for the roses on my triceps you did

Hi Danilo!
I‘m still in love with the roses you put on my triceps. But what I discovered is when I do sports my skin gets very red, I was born with this kind of sensible skin. So I would love to make the roses more darker because now it is very light. And no worry it is not your fault, I remember that I told you not to make it too dominant. Furthermore I would love to add some extra details like these very black strips around the roses to make the whole tattoo look bigger. But after all I want to thank you for the tattoo you did for me, it‘s exactly what I wanted and I couldn’t imagine someone who could’ve made it better. Best regards, Daniel Aufner

I would appreciate it to get an appointment on any Saturday from the last two weeks of April or any Saturday in May because it would be easier for me since I’m not from Vienna.


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Danilo Delfino

Hi Daniel, Thank you so much for your patience, I meant to be writing you before. Way before. I hope things are well with you and your loved ones. I was happy to see your request and excited to be adding more details. I look forward to be working with you again. Let’s arrange the best possible appointment date for you. For Saturdays, June the 13th is free, more dates will come for July very soon. You can find whats available in the link Schedule Regular or Custom Session at your profile. Just make sure you select, Touch Up or Details session. It’s free of any charge. See you soon. Danilo

Daniel Aufner

Hi Danilo, I‘m glad you are happy to finalise my tattoo. It‘s absolutely no problem that it took you longer to reply. I hope you’re well too! As I don’t have to work in the last week of May, I chose the 28th of May for my appointment. I‘m looking forward to meeting you again and to our session! Just one little question: What did you exactly mean with it‘s free of any charge? Best regards, Dani

Danilo Delfino

Hi Daniel, It’s confirmed! Sorry I wasn’t able to reply before, but everything is set for our session on Thursday. Thank you so much, see you soon my friend!!!

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