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Text „breath“ and a Lotus blossom

Hi, I would like to come together with my friend Elza on March 6th – is it possible to book to slots or should Elza book a appointment by her own – email: elza.kruschitz@herba-chemosan.at – pleas let me know how we can book our appointment. Thx

    Leave in the comments any additional details about your idea. Feel free to share more images, budget, or additional questions. Write as many times you want.

    Project Response

    1. Hello Heidi,

      Thank you so much for writing to me. I received your request for the “I am” tattoo, and it will be a pleasure to have your friend coming along.

      I’ve seen you tried to confirm an appointment on the 7th of March at 5 PM. Unfortunately, in this case, she would have to send her request separately, then try to arrange an available spot that is close to one another because the 7th of March is reserved for small sessions only.

      However, I usually offer combined sessions as a regular appointment. It’s the easiest way to have multiple people coming together. So, you’ll both have a meeting under the same appointment time with 1 to 2 hours of preparation, free of charge, with tattooing only starting once everybody is 100% happy with everything. The session is much larger, and if you decide to confirm, please keep in mind, there’s a different deposit amount.

      You’ll only need to look for a Regular Session in the link below and to make sure you submit under the comments, references to your friend’s idea. If you have any other questions, please let me know, and I’m looking forward to be meeting you.


      Lots of love, and see you soon!

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