When you are ready and after receiving a response. Feel free to have a look at the calendar from the Bookings Appointment section at your dashboard.

Flowers on my right upperaem + little feather on my left wrist

I’d like to have a little b/w feather (~4cm) on my left wrist (simular to picture 1 + placement in my body) and flowers (~15-20cm) on my right upperarm.

I have a bird tattoo from Trudy (trudylinestattoo) on my right forearm and would like to add flowers to it on my upperarm. I would very much appreciate your ideas. The picture (second reference) is just an example.
I have a big watercolour orchid from Ondrash (ondrashtattoo) on the left side of my back and hip aswell.
I’m looking forward to our session in Vienna!



In the notes, you can share any additional details about your idea. Feel free to send more images, links, or let me know a little more about why this project is so important. We'll be talking about it at the day of our session and I'll write you back before our appointment if I have any consideration. Keep any an eye on your Email or if we've been talking via Whatsapp...

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Danilo Delfino

Hi Nadine! Thank you so much for already booking in! Below I want to give you a little more information about the process of bringing your tattoo to life. I often like to finish the final details of every project together with my clients. Adjustments on placement, size, design are all made the day of your session. Tattooing only starts once you are 100% happy with everything, and if you would like to know more about my workflow, please visit the FAQ for additional details. The deposit is used to cover the cost of the first hour of our session, this amount is subtracted from the final price, which is calculated by hour. Projects like yours usually take 1 to 2 hours to complete. The preparation time, 1 hour to 2 hours before tattooing starts, it’s free of charge. If you have, be comfortable to share your final budget, but understand that this is a custom art with attention to details, and we want it to look great. If, for some reason, you need a different time or to reschedule, you can let me know and use the deposit to secure you a new spot in the future. I look forward to meeting you, and thank you once again for being choosing me for your next tattoo. Lots of love, Danilo.

Nadine Stary

Hi Danilo. Thank you very much for your reply. I am looking forward to our appointment. My budget for the two tattoos (small feather left wrist / flowers right upper arm) is EUR 600. Is this amount realistic to finalize the two tattoos at our appointment? What does an hour usually cost? I really want to finalize the two tattoos in ONE appointment. Please let me know if you need any more information from me. Thanks a lot! Peace. Nadine

Danilo Delfino

Dear Nadine, Sorry Nadine I completely forgot to include this information in my previous message. The deposit is used to cover the cost of the first hour, and I‘m confident that we can finish both tattoos within two hours. If you need more information or have any other questions, don‘t hesitate writing me! All the best and see you soon. Danilo

Nadine Stary

Dear Danilo, I hope you're doing well. In view of the worrying developments regarding the corona virus and the Austrian government's measures, I wanted to ask if we could find annother date for my appointment on Friday, March 20th. What do you think? I'm following your opinion and I'm looking forward to your answer. Peace. Nadine

Danilo Delfino

Hi Nadine, I was waiting for some reliable news from the studio and government announcements to better plan what the next steps will be. I continue to work as usual. However, taking extra care to have an even safer space. The social distancing is to prevent a significant number of cases from happening at the same time, therefore, overloading the healthcare system. Younger healthier people aren’t at risk. If you are feeling well, have no pre-existing conditions, and it’s not sharing your living space with an older person or somebody that could be fragile. I’ll be happy to have you as planned since the restrictions are mostly for gatherings with more than 5 people. I also believe a healthy diet with proper nutrition, sports, and an overall positive attitude towards life; it’s our best medicine for a happy and sustainable living. So, If you would like to confirm that you are available for your session, please let me know, I’ll then provide the details of my new temporary private studio set up. If not, I’ll please advise to be waiting further announcements to avoid rescheduling multiple times, since I can’t guarantee that in 2 weeks all the restrictions will be over. For quicker response, please feel free to write me back on WhatsApp +1 323 454 3518 Thank you so much, and hope to be seeing you soon!!!

Nadine Stary

Hi Danilo, unfortunately I didn't get any response to these messages on whatsapp: 1) Hi Danilo! I take the chance to write you via whatsapp, thanks for this option. Thank you for your message and your view of things. I agree with your points, but still don't want to risk anything. At 32, I am definitely not a risk group and I live a healthy and balanced life. So I'm not very afraid of the virus but I hope you understand that I would still like to postpone Friday's appointment. It is not an easy time for all of us and I would like to contribute to flattening the infection curve and maintaining the health system. I think basically positively and I am sure that we will get over this crisis. I know that you have planned your appointments well and you want to tattoo in other cities in the following weeks/months aswell, which of course makes it difficult to postpone appointments. I would still ask you if we can find another date or if it is possible to return my deposit. I absolutely want the two tattoos get done from YOU, I admire your work and love your style, but I would feel much more comfortable doing them at a time when normality is back. I also have no problem if we find an appointment the next time you are in Vienna. (Next year would be OK aswell.) I hope you understand my request and I look forward to your answer. Thank you! All the best for you and your loved ones! Peace. Nadine 2) Hi danilo! I just got this reminder. Can you please tell me, if you agree to postpone tomorrow's appointment? I really don't feel comfortable getting my tattoos in these times. I'm looking forward to your answer. Peace and all the best. Nadine ______________ I just want to tell you that I will not be attending today's appointment. I'm very sorry and I hope you understand me. I take the government's measures very seriously and hope we can find another date when times are better again. I'm looking forward to your response. Thank you! Peace and all the best. Nadine

Danilo Delfino

Hi Nadine, Just keeping track of our communication that happened over in WhatsApp. I just confirmed your new Appointment date for May 23rd at 11:00AM. Like I mentioned, you should be getting a confirmation. Best, Danilo (WhatsApp Message) "Hi Nadine, just recenlty started to contact everone to be confirming a new session, sorry the website is asking for a new deposit, so I will go ahead and reserve the 23rd or May at 11:00AM for you. You should be getting an email confirmation sometime soon. Looking forward as well, can't wait!!!"

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