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semi-realistic lavender branch on ribcage

I would roughly like the measurements to be around 10 cm in length and 8 cm in width and the placement on my ribcage (undecided about which side yet). Style-wise I imagine it to resemble pretty much exactly as depicted in the example pictures. It doesn´t have to be 100% accurate to a real lavender branch but I do imagine it quite detailed. Regarding structure, I really like the second example photo I gave with it being quite delicate as I feel that best matches me personally and meets my aesthetic preferences. I also personally prefer fine-line work because it best matches my physical appearance and body type.

The meaning behind it is that I love flowers and find them absolutely beautiful. Lavender especially is not only visually appealing to me, but I also associate very fond memories with the plant, like my aunt who is a florist or trips to France with lavender fields in full bloom. The scent is immensely comforting and soothing for me which is another reason why i would like to permanently carry that as a little reminder around with me wherever I go. I furthermore really admire your artwork, which is why I entrust you to do my first tattoo!

I am only in Vienna from the afternoon of the 22nd of April up until the 24 of April, so if you have a slot free during that time it would be amazing! Otherwise, I would have to postpone my desired date by a couple months at least as I do not know when the next oppertunity´ll come around for me to be in the city. Thanks for now!

Leave in the comments any additional details about your idea. Feel free to share more images, budget, or additional questions. Write as many times you want.

Project Response

  1. Hi Anna,

    It seems like I have scheduled a trip to NY right on the dates you’ll be available in Vienna. Where are you originally from? if on my plans, id be happy to reserve you a date somewhere closer.

    All the best, Danilo

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