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Fließende Flüssigkeit – Floating Liquid over my Body

Meine Vorstellung ist, dass die fließenden Flüssigkeitsbahnen über meinen linken Arm (+auch gern erweiterbar bis zum Rücken hinab ) Lebensqhasen darstellen. Ich fände es sehr schön am Handgelenk zu beginnen, mit einem Bild von einer Pipette, deren Tropfen den Beginn des “liquids over my Body” darstellen.
Am Ende dieses Projekts stelle ich mir vor, dass die Flüssigkeit sich am Ende meines Rückens sammelt und ein Körper darin eintaucht. Dies steht metaphorisch für das Eintauchen ins Leben.

    Ich habe ein Tattoo (vor 6 Jahren machen lassen), also wenig Tattoo Erfahrung.

    Leave in the comments any additional details about your idea. Feel free to share more images, budget, or additional questions. Write as many times you want.

    Project Response

    1. Hi Nina,

      I’m happy to be starting a whole new chapter of my tattoo career, I hope your booking process is fun and your new tattoo an exciting experience. I’m sure we’ll be creating something beautiful together.

      I often like to finish the final details of every project together with my clients. Adjustments on placement, size, design are all made the day of your session. Tattooing only starts once you are 100% happy with everything.

      To confirm a date for your session, I invite you to visit the Schedule Appointment from a link on your profile page or by visiting the link shared below, select the best date and time and follow instructions.

      There is a €300 deposit used to cover the cost of the first hour of our session, this amount is subtracted from the final price, which is calculated by hour. Projects like yours take about 1 hour and 30 minutes to 2 hours to complete. The preparation time, 1 hour to 2 hours before tattooing starts, it’s free of charge.

      Please select Regular Session when Scheduling your Appointment, and if you have, be comfortable to share your final budget. But understand that this is a custom art with attention to details, and we want it to look great.

      If, for some reason you need a different time or to reschedule, you can let me know and use the deposit to secure you a new spot in the future.

      Please visit the link below for the confirmation.

      I look forward to meeting you, and thank you once again for choosing me for your next tattoo.

    2. Hi Nina,

      Thank you so much for your confirmation. You’ve picked “My Portfolio Tattoo Session,” so your project already means so much to me, I’m always looking for challenges. Compositions having anatomy/proportions in mind. I really can’t wait for our session.

      In the link: My Portfolio (Shop);


      I have a few available designs. However 🙂 I think this could be an opportunity to create something new from scratch. If we can have a short consultation before the appointment, please let me know when you have time. You can also have a look at the calendar and make sure you select Consultation – Complex Project this time.


      Let me know what you think.
      Lots of love!

      1. Hi Danilo!
        Because of the Situation right now i’ll stay at Home tomorrow.
        IS IT possible to choose another Date?
        Regarding your last mail, i have forgotten to choose “complex Projekt”. I thought there is the possibilty to have a consultation and talk about It…
        Is this maybe possible for you? I have already payed 50,- , thought this is for first consultation.
        Do i now choose another Date online in the calendar – choosing also complex Projekt?
        Sorry for beeing so weird …:/

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