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small text/animal face

Hi Danilo!

Here is Jana – girlfriend of Harald (you made for him Matrix/skull tattoo recently), do you remember me?
I would love to get one small tattoo from you as well! Im kinda open for new ideas and would be awsome to create something with you. Basicly the ideas what i have right now is either a text on my hands or small pic on fingers…or all together. What im really into are these very thin lines and basicly the thin written letters as you did by matrix tattoo…
Place would be on my right hand – see the picture. I have already a small star on my wrist, no need to kinda integrate the new tattoo with star.

Thanks in advance and im looking forward to hear from you!
Best, Jana

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Project Response

  1. Hi Jana, how are you?

    Great to hear from you and wishing a great 2020 to you guys.
    Thank you so much for sending your request. I see you already confirmed a date for next Thursday, right. I love working with small intricate designs, so I’ll be looking forward to it.

    If you have any other references, please also feel free to share.

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