Mountains on my ribs

First of all I have to tell you, that I already have booked an appointment on March 21st. A friend of mine is having the appointment earlier that day.

For the motive I would like to have small mountains (supposably) on the side of my ribs which should be very fine. As I have another tattoo on my belly, I would like those two to fit together. The other tattoo is designed with dot-style and I think it would be nice if the mountains have some shadows like dots too. I think the first picture I uploaded fits very good to my conceptions. I am just not sure how big or small it can be… I would like to have it as small as possible. I am not hundret percent sure about the placement… but I think the ribs will be the best place.

The third picutre I uploaded is the other tattoo I have. Probably you have some ideas how you can combine it with the new one keeping your style, because I really like the fine design of you.

Best regards,

  1. Hey Anna,

    I’m happy to be starting a whole new chapter of my tattoo career by working on your project and I’m pleased to be wishing you an amazing new year.
    I hope your booking process is fun and your new tattoo an exciting experience. I’m sure we’ll be creating something beautiful together.

    I often like to finish the final details of every project together with my clients. Adjustments on placement, size, design are all made the day of our session. Tattooing only starts once you are 100% happy with everything.

    Since you have confirmed a date for your session, There’s just a few little things I want to share.

    The preparation time, 1 hour to 3 hours before tattooing starts, it’s free of charge.
    If you have, be comfortable to share your final budget. But understand that this is a custom art with attention to details, and we want it to look great.

    If, for some reason you need a different time or to reschedule, you can let me know and use the deposit to secure you a new spot in the future.

    I look forward to meeting you, and thank you once again for choosing me for your next tattoo.

    Danilo 🙂

    1. Hi Danilo!

      Thank you for your quick response.
      I wish you a happy new year too and hope you had a good start!

      I am happy to see you in March for the tattoo. And I think speaking about the details during the appointment in person is much more effective, so that’s fine for me.

      I just have one question:
      If we keep the mountains simple and small, what do you expect the price to be? Just that I know how much money I have to save until then (;

      Best regards,

    2. Hi again,

      now I really have a problem.
      Me and my friend Alexandra Rieder, already booked the appointment for March 21st, because we planed to be in vienna for holidays over the weekend. Unfortunately, my brother decided to marry on staturday, 21st, so I cannot be in vienna then….
      Is it possible to reschedule both of our appointments to monday 23rd or tuesday 24th?
      If not: Could the money I already paid for the appointment be charged on Alexandras budget? Because if I cannot come with her on vienna this weekend, I am not able to come on another weekend…..
      I am so sorry for the circumstances.
      I hope we can find a way, where I do not have to waste the money..

      Thank you and best regards,

      1. Hi Anna,

        I want to apologise for my late response. i saw you wrote me earlier this month. Is everything okay with the date or do you still need it to be rescheduled.
        Either way, I’ll be more than happy to help. Just let me know.


  2. Hi Danilo,

    I have to cancel my appointment on March 21st with ID 5959…
    I have some financial problems because of a emergency operation which was not paid by my insurance… sorry for telling you that late.

    I think there is no way to recharge the money right?


    1. Hi Anna,

      I’m forwarding the message I’m sending to every client about my decision to work and precautions. I understand your situation is different and I’ll be very happy to keep you updated. I might be able to compensate by giving a discount when you finally ready to be getting a tattoo. By specially in this condition, providing a refund might be a little out of my reach. But no need to apologise for reaching out too late.

      I was waiting for some reliable news from the studio and government announcements to better plan what the next steps will be. I continue to work as usual. However, taking extra care to have an even safer space.

      The social distancing is to prevent a significant number of cases from happening at the same time, therefore, overloading the healthcare system. Younger healthier people aren’t at risk. If you are feeling well, have no pre-existing conditions, and it’s not sharing your living space with an older person or somebody that could be fragile. I’ll be happy to have you as planned since the restrictions are mostly for gatherings with more than 5 people.

      I also believe a healthy diet with proper nutrition, sports, and an overall positive attitude towards life; it’s our best medicine for a happy and sustainable living. So, If you would like to confirm that you are available for your session, please let me know, I’ll then provide the details of my new temporary private studio set up. If not, I’ll please advise to be waiting further announcements to avoid rescheduling multiple times, since I can’t guarantee that in 2 weeks all business will be back to work.

      For quicker response, please feel free to write me back on WhatsApp +1 323 454 3518

      Thank you so much, and hope to be seeing you soon!!!

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