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A delicate auraucaria tree

Its a tree but id like that the lines of the leaves would notice, to make it lighter. Between a feather and a tree. Its small or medium like. 10/12 cm
I fall surprisingly in love last year. An impossible one, that opened an other way to feel conection with someone and with myself. This tree was in the garden of the place we used to work toghether, and it keep on be present all this time, whenever i feel conected with him, with my experience of nature and beauty, when i dream awake. I want it to remain on my skin as it reminds me love, life, nature and connection with the pieces of universe around us. I havent been a spiritual person…but this experience has opened a sense of awarenes and conection.

Whenever its possible to have it donebits ok for me. No rush. My youngest brother has your work on his arm. I love the lines….and the softness of it.

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