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Old historian sailing ship

Hey Danilo, I hope will like my idea 🙂 I love the sea and everything what belongs to it. So a big dream is a wonderful motiv of an old historian sailing ship. It should be a mixture of a sketch style and realistic style. It would be great to add some sea elements around the ship to tell a story, it can be also a kind of surrealism style. I want that you have artistic freedom as much as possible and that you will be so happy to work on it how I feel about this motive. As can see on the picture I want you the ship along the left side of my torso over the outside of my upper leg. I am more into middle/ big tattoos, if you don’t like this body part for that motive you can recommended a other part, or if you want to do another sea motive desperately, you also can send me a photo 🙂 so looking forward to hear from you ! Greetings, Sam.

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