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Cover Up – Energy flows now

I ve got a tattoo 7 years ago on my left elbow. And i would love to have a cover up.
I am a physiotherapist and in my job it is all about energy, flow, circulation and strength. I would love a metapher in form of water, waves, flower etc. I would like something which also shows the love to my son Noah (half portuguese). Maybe a part of his face or hand like a portrait. He helps me to keep it up and be strong as well gives me inspiration.

Very important for me is that the tattoo shows the following: Femininity, fine lines, catchy


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Danilo Delfino

Hallo Kathrin, Thank you so much for sending your request through the website, this really helps me keep things organized. There will be some updates to make the website more user friendly but since we’ve already spoke over emails, let’s confirm, this is a response for: Email: physio.kathrinbartke@gmail.com Project: Cover Up - Energy Flows Appointment: I’m still traveling, so I do apologize I haven’t confirmed your appointment before. I had to confirm my flights and connections. Unfortunately, I only arrive in Vienna on the 24th. I’ll be happy to schedule you a session on another date. Would you be available the following week, after the 28th? I’m very flexible so just let me know what works best. I hope your booking process is fun, smooth, and your new tattoo cover up a pleasant experience. Please feel free to send more questions at any time. Your project is challenging and I saw what you already have. I’m confident that we will be able to do something great out of it :) the idea is perfect for that. My workflow allows me to have a fare amount of time for preparation, so we will only start your new tattoo, once you are 100% happy with every detail. I love a great challenge like yours and I hope you are as excited as I’m. We only need to get your confirmation and secure you the date. Like I mentioned, please let me know what date, you can also just visit SCHEDULE APPOINTMENT page. A $300 deposit is used to cover the cost of the first hour of our session and secure you the date. This amount is subtracted from the final price and details on my hourly rate can be found in the FAQ page. Most of my tattoos take about 2 hours to complete but we might need to work on a second session for extra details. This second session is usually with no cost. If you have, please be comfortable to share your budget. But understand that this is a custom art with attention to details and we want it look great. To send the deposit, please visit the link below. Send Deposit Or, If you prefer, you can use the Bank Transfer option with this info: Name: Danilo Delfino IBAN DE44 1001 1001 2622 8762 09 BIC NTSBDEB1XXX Later, If for some reason you need a different time or to reschedule, you can let me know and use the deposit to secure you a new spot in the future. I look forward to be hearing from you and thanks once again for the patience.

Kathrin Bartke

Ola Danilo, All sounds great. Im looking forward. Sorry for confusing with the emails. Hope i didnt bother too much, i might got a bit too motivated :). Curious what you have in mind already and the idea for the cover up. Ill send you maybe a picture also of my son so that u have an image. I would like to suggest instead of 30.10 we have the appointment on 29.10 at 17 o clock! Could it be? Have a good day and travelling, Kathrin

Danilo Delfino

No worries, I have to apologize for the mess, I’m still coordinating the details of the website workflow, so thank you for your patience. I’ll confirm you for the 29th October at 17:00 then. Very excited for, this week I’ll organize my sketches and share some ideas. Talk to you soon.

Kathrin Bartke

My son

Kathrin Bartke

Hi Danilo :) Hope you re doing fine. How is it going with your ideas about the project? I m very curious :)

Kathrin Bartke

Current pic of my son

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