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Buttercup painting on my left arm/wrist

For a long time i wanted to get tattooed sth from Harry Potter but then i grew up and thought “what tattoo would actually fit to my personality?!” And as I am a nice, kind, friendly person (i don’t want to brag lol .. wait for the twist), I thought maybe buttercups as they look cute, plain and also very innocent (what people are often telling me how I look like)! But what one does not know is that they are actually toxic too, so don’t try to eat em. What I want to say is that I am also a strong person who is able to bite back if needed. I loved this idea but I didn’t want to be a next girl who has a flower tattoo on her arm.. that is kinda too mainstream for me. So, this weekend I finally saw the movie “Midsommar” from Ari Aster (who also made “Hereditary”, with A24 productions) I was waiting for since a year now (I think that this kind of movies also tells a lot about me, hope you are not scared now haha)… and there were buttercups! A hell lot of buttercups and especially the color yellow triggered me.. in the movie it is linked to traumatic experiences and stands for death which I find extremely interesting as yellow is usually a warm, sunny and happy colour. I am still not sure now if I want my tattoo to be b/w or also yellow, goldish, green, ochre? Because I don’t want it to look too nice, you know what I mean? And I don’t want it to be too small or too big as I also usually wear a watch on the left hand. Maybe that explains why I ticked b/w plus colours and small plus middle haha. So I thought maybe I could ask you as I saw your great masterpieces of artwork on instagram 🙂 and I also thought maybe you will know what I like, maybe from the way I write to you? I don’t know, it is my first tattoo so I am very sorry if I am writing too much. I will stop now and be mentally excited.

I am really excited to hear from you and see or hear your ideas :) you should definitely watch “Midsommar”! I saw that you will be in vienna from 19.10. until 15.11. So that would be perfect for me :) sorry I first clicked on 14.11. But then I remembered I will be swimming that weekend so that will be not good for the tattoo so 21.10. Is the preferred option :) thank you a lot! Kind regards!


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Lisa Sroczynski

Here another idea where I like the colours (more than the painting actually)

Lisa Sroczynski

I don't if you can read this but I really love this one, I could put in more of your artwork, also the ones with colours are baaam amazing! Love them!

Danilo Delfino

Hallo Lisa, Thank you so much for sending your request, I really try to give a response right away so I’m sorry it took a little longer to reply. To confirm, this is your response for: Email: lisa-senta@hotmail.com Appointment: Please visit Schedule Appointment Project: Buttercup painting on my left arm/wrist I hope your booking process is fun, smooth, and your new tattoo an exciting comfortable experience. Please feel free to send questions or suggestions at any time. I’m happy and very excited with your project. The whole back story and references, details about the movies and the curious connection they all share with you. I’m sure this piece will look amazing, the placement you picked it’s great for this kind of design. I’m picturing something elegant and intriguing, using color or not, I just can’t wait to start working with you. I watched the trailer for the movies and if I manage to find time, I’ll be watching them Asap. The available dates for vienna are now updated, you can check it on Schedule Appointment. Unfortunately, on the 21st Of October, I do not have it available, but I do have openings before that. If you’d like, you can have a look and perhaps try to book before the 17th of October. Once you pick the best date and time, there will be a $300 deposit which is used to cover the cost of the first hour of our session. This amount is subtracted from the final price. Hourly rate and details on pricing can be found in the FAQ page. Most of my tattoos take about 2 hours to complete and we might have to work about the same amount of time to make it look perfect. If you have, please be comfortable to share your budget. But understand that this is a custom art with attention to details and we want it look great. Also, at the day of our session, we will work on details, placement, size and we will only start the tattoo once you are 100% happy with everything. You can visit danilodelfino.ink to know a little more about me and my work. After picking the new date, If for some reason you need a different time or to reschedule, you can let me know and use the deposit to secure you a new spot in the future. You can visit the link below for the confirmation. https://book.danilodelfino.ink/tattoo-deposit/ I look forward to be hearing from you and thanks once again to be choosing me for your amazing tattoo project

Lisa Sroczynski

Hello Danilo, Thank you for your reply, I am really excited about it now :) I would have some more questions, hope that is okay. - After the tattoo, for how long do I have to mind hot water? Because on 15th & 16th of November I am in a Therme. I already did schedule an appointment for 21st of October but if you say it is not possible, also fine. Would be 18th of October an option? In the system it says it is possible (but that was also the same with the date of 21st October). 17th of October would also be fine :) I just would like to confirm the appointment first, before I leave my budget. - And could you also tell me how much it is in Euro? 275€? So all in all the tattoo will be 550€? - When I get the tattoo on the left arm/wrist, can I still wear a watch? Probably not, or? I will definitely look more detailed on your website, but I already saw from Instagram that you are the right choice :) Thank you! Kind regards, Lisa Tel: 0043 69917238934

Danilo Delfino

Hello Lisa, Thank you for your reply as well. So, to answer your questions. – After the tattoo, would be great to wait at least 5 to 7 days for any kind of water submersion :) nothing crazy bad that I can think may happen, obviously, if proper care is taken. It also depends on how well and fast your skin can heel. - Pricing is based on complexity and hourly rate. Deposit paid via PayPal or card are processed in USD. So it’s a bit less if you are paying it in Euros. But at the day of your session, the difference is in euros. If your design is delicate and the healing goes super smooth, you can probably wear a watch after 4 to 5 days without a worry. if I’m forgetting something...let me know... Btw, Thank you for the kind words and hope to be seeing you soon! Danilod

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