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Flowers 2.0

I’d like to have it placed similar to the placement in the first picture. I’m not sure if I wanna have it as a straight line or slightly curved.
Sizewise I’m thinking about 15-25 centimetres.
I’ve looked up some flowers and theire meaning. All of those characteristics have taught me different things over the last year and helped me becoming the person I am today.
Those flowers are: azalea, daisys, cherry blossoms, poppys and violets.
I don’t have to have all flowers in one tattoo though. And I’m open to some colour, but still not sure if I really want it.

You already tattooed me once, so I’d be glad to have a second awesome tattoo from you :). Also a friend of mine would come along. She and I were thinking of getting a smal avocado as a friendship-tattoo because of our trip we took this year. Would it be possible to do both in one session? Looking forward to your response :)


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Danilo Delfino

Hello Franziska, So nice hearing from you again and thank you so much for using the website to send your request. I’m trying to answer everybody right away but with all the traveling, I apologize for taking extra time. I also noticed you have sent second request for the same project, I’ll go ahead and delete the other one, ok. I’m super happy to know you are coming for the second tattoo. Very much looking forward to be creating another piece and excited for the options and references you gave, I’ll make sure to keep in mind that I can add some color to it. As you may know, I’ll be a guest artist at the True Canvas studio (Weyringergasse 19). My dates are opened until the 17th, I have time this week and after the 24th. So, are you interested to be scheduling a session October or only later in November? If you’d like, please use the Schedule Appointment option to pick the date and time that works best for to you. Will be a pleasure to have your friend coming in for the avocado tattoo, should this also be in color or black in white, depending on the size, I might be doing it with Hand Poke technique and since you are also getting another piece the same day, at the day I’d be happy to work some discount. If you’d like to already confirm your spot and since you are familiar with how I work, you can visit the link Send Deposit. The $300 is used to cover the first hour of our session and is then subtracted from the final price. Your session should take between 1 hour and 30 minutes to 2 hours with a max of 3 hours if we decide to add color. If you prefer, deposit can also be sent through bank transfer to: Name: Danilo Delfino IBAN DE44 1001 1001 2622 8762 09 BIC NTSBDEB1XXX If you do have, please feel free to share your budget. But as you know, pricing includes designing, preparation, and a second session in case of touch ups or details. Looking forward to be hearing form you :)

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