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gerbera and a few other little flowers and leaves


I already Wrote you an email, so here my request again:
my name is Stefanie and for a while I’ve been looking for an Artist which I really like. I saw that you are in Vienna in September and I really, really like your flower tattoos, they are stunning! I also want a flower Tattoo, a gerbera on my right calve. 

The Gerbera should be in the middle of the Tattoo, it should be the Main part. Around that I would like to have some other flowers and leaves like the tattoos you’ve already done, I like that really much, but not to many so the Gerbera is really the Center.

So I wanted to ask if there are free appointments left in Vienna and if not I wanted to know if you come again to Vienna soon.

I am really looking foward to your reply. 

Durring your stay I prefer sunday the 22nd or thursday 26th. If there are no free appointments other days would be aboslutly possible.


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Danilo Delfino

Hallo Stefanie Gerber Thank you so much for sending your request, I really try to give a response right away so I’m sorry it took a little longer to reply. To confirm, this is your response for: Email: steffig22@gmail.com Appointment: 23rd September 2019 5:00 pm Project: gerbera and a few other little flowers and leaves I hope your booking process is fun, smooth, and your new tattoo an exciting comfortable experience. Please feel free to send questions or suggestions at any time. I’m happy to help you bring your project to life and I’m sure we’ll be able to design something beautiful, especially because, Gerbera are my favorite flowers. I have a long love history with those amazing plants and I haven’t really done any tattoo of them. So I think we have an extra dose of excitement and I can’t wait to start working on it. I hope you are as happy as I’m and all we have to do now, is to get your appointment confirmed. For that, there’s a $300 deposit which is used to cover the cost of the first hour of our session. This amount is subtracted from the final price. Hourly rate and details on pricing can be found in the FAQ page. Most of my tattoos take about 2 hours to complete, which should be the amount of time we might be looking to complete yours. If you have, please be comfortable to share your budget. But understand that this is a custom art with attention to details and we want it look great. By the way, is this your first tattoo? At the day of our session, will go over the details, placement, size and we will start the tattoo only once you are 100% happy with everything. If you want, you can also visit danilodelfino.ink to know a little more about me and my work. If for some reason, you need a different time or to reschedule, you can let me know and use the deposit to secure you a new spot in the future, I have family in Vienna, so I’m always around. You can visit the link below for the confirmation. https://book.danilodelfino.ink/tattoo-deposit/ I look forward to be hearing from you and thanks once again to be choosing me for your next tattoo.

Stefanie Gerber

Hi, thank you very much for your detailed answer! I wanted to ask if it is ok to come around 5:30 PM on monday? If that is ok I will send you the deposit right away. Around 600$ should be fine with my Budget and I think we'll reach it with to hours. In the next days I will send you some ideas for the leaves and flowers around the gerbera and on monday we can talk about the rest of the details. The tattoo should be finished in one Session, did I get that one right? I am very excited and really looking foward to the appointment! And yes it is my first tattoo. :) Kind regards, Stefanie

Stefanie Gerber

Hi again, I just want to ask if you have gotten my last message. So is it possible to come at 5:30 PM on Monday? And I thougt about the the flowers and leaves for the tattoo. I like lavender and their leaves and dandelion and I think they would look good with the gerbera. And I have got a bit of a weird question, should I shave my leg or is it better to do that right befor we start with the tattoo? Kind regards, Stefanie

Danilo Delfino

Hi Stefanie, Thank you for your message and apologize my delay. These days have been so busy and I also want to say thanks for suggesting the other flowers. There’s definitely no problem on coming a little bit later. Feel free to arrive this time, or if you need more, just keep me updated. The address of the shop is: Weyringergasse 19 Excited to be working with you and see you soon!

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