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    Danilo Delfino

    Hi Rob Thank you for getting in touch, your interest, and I apologize not being able to answer you before. After a long flight from Europe, I just wasn’t able to cope with the jet leg. Now all good so let’s confirm. Email: Roserob@gmail.com Appointment: Originally for 6th Sep 5:00pm - Let’s find another date and time. Project: Your portfolio/ wannado projects I must say thanks for using the website, this helps to keep things in one place. I hope your booking process is fun, smooth, and your new tattoo an exciting comfortable experience. Feel free to send questions or suggestions at any time, specially regarding the design and adjustments you might want to make. It was brought to my knowledge that some people were trying to buy one of the designs but I forgot to mention a security feature I installed. So if you’d like to try it again, read the Important Note in the: Available Tattoo Designs Now let’s make sure you’ll have another date and time. You can visit the: Schedule Appointment To find what works best. If you need an exclusive time, please just let me know. Once the date and your purchase are confirmed, we’ll able to discuss placement, size, and other details. You are welcomed to bring someone along, but it could happen that your companion won’t be allowed to stay too close while you are getting the tattoo. The address will be confirmed later and since your have picked date for the 6th, you can also text me at 323 454 3518 for fast response. I’m very excited to be working with you and hope to be seeing you soon.

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